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f o pI e_al vv or 0 &, TheRight Manner of Sandifying the Name ofGodin General. And Particularly in thefe Three great Ordinances : 1. 'Hearing of the IP0 (AV, Viz. 2. glecei,ving the Lords Sq.)(PCPSA. 3. cr (11.A Eqt. By JBREMIA.1-1-BURROUGAS. p: Sting the Second of the Seven Volumns, lately publiihed by Thomas Goodwin,t !Pillion Bridge Greexhil, John rates, Sydrech Sympfox, Philip Nye, William Adder. CO I. B. . I 6. LONVOW: Printed by Teter Cole , Printer and Book-Seller, at the sign of the (Printing-pre in Corn-bill, neer the Royall Exchange. 1 6 5 8.

To the READER. +-494.+4pte4v R purpofe in this Preface, is not to #,eak either ofthe emi- r:p.*444Np+ runt worth of the Author, whole memory is bleffed in the it* ** hearts ofall the Godly in this Nation ; or of this Piece it felf TY* t4 here publifhed: but only to affisre thee, That it is 134. And lt 4* A although it rifeth not up to that exaanri? and perfe aim; as' 44' 40,411"r`r might have been in them, had he publifh'd themhimftlf; yet 4'44444' with that different allowance which is to be given to Notes taken from his mouth in ordinary and frequent Preaching, we doubt not but that in their ufe and benefit they may be asprofitable to the Saints as other ofhis wri- tings, being asfull of weighty and Divine Materials, having alfo the imrefi of the Spirit, anct language of this holy Man ( one of thegreatell Preachers ofthis Age) llampt all along upon them. eve (to whom this our Brother was muff dear and precious) being entrufled with the publi(hing ofhis Sermons, have thought good ft, it to leper abroad thefe few, which if they receive that welcom they aeferve, many other excellent Pieces ofhis may foon after have encouragement to appear inpublick view. The Points treated ofin thefe, are of great concernment , and therefore we conceive, the Author though in handling of them he had room enough for the difctiifing many ofthe con* troverfies of the times, yet he purpofely waved it, and bent himfelf to the angle de- livery ofthat which tended moll to edification, and bEll (wed with fuck a popular Auditory as that was to whom he fpake. The Lord of Heaven ble(t them to thy Ifiiritual advantage, and enable thee by Pich.means rs thefe to fantlifie his ?tame_ in the ufe of all his Ordinances, which is the defire of Thomas Goodwin, William Greenbil, Sydracb Sympfon, Philip Nye, V.........1. William Bridge, John Yates, William. Adderly.

ffoolts Printed4y Peter. Cole, Printer Pia)! New. Books of Mr. Ter. Burroushs, . THE FIRST BOOK :7 Some Dire6tions how,to get R.d7t Cbria s tall to a2 thole that are ;Peary' from Chrift in Spiritual defertions, and Heavy Laden to come to himfor it.efi. T HodsncoND BOOK Whe eini: filmed Firll. (hitt the Great Teacher of Sala: it The Burden of \in. s The Bur- that come to him. den of the Law. 3 The Barden r Wherein is Chewed L. perfo-tna; as with the Micood I What Chrifts Yoak is., a That of thole th. t a, e under them. 4. Ttie Weevers molt take Chrifts Yoak on Burden of Corrup,i-n. s The But them. 3 The more we a e under the cienof Outward i'4filidion. Yoalc of Chrift the more.REST we have. 4 Chrift is the great Teacher Serondly , (.7 forift Gracioufly offets of his Church and People. 5 In to thew that come to him what manner Chrift Teschetht 1 He R E'S T fi om all thole Diardens. is a MeekTeacher. a An Humble Wherein is loved. Teacher. 6 The Learners cf C hrift s :W,11,t it is to come to Cheift. molt be &I E E K, 7 The Learners 2. ,That C hrift, ., quires nothing but of Chrift molt be hun Ye, 8 (haft to come to him. 3 Several Rules to teacheth by his E X AMPL E. be. O'sretvecl in right coming to 9 Wherein Ch ifis EXAMPLE Chrili 4 Mews to DrawSou!ei to is to be followed. to Whrit kind of Ch.M. 5 Thit in coming to Chilli- Psttern (frill is. It We muff not. Got' woo d have us have rept& to our follow the Example of the World. felvr. 6, That there is No REST for f-uls out of Chrift-; And the Rea- We mutt imitate Chrift inM E E K. fon, therefore; with Lome conchafions' N E S. from it. t What MCC1,11CfS i&.. z Learn of aria to be Meek towald; God; And Thii0, There is thewed., the Reafons thereof. 3 .1 be Dread- I The Rat Pelctvers have frornful Evil of Anger and froYardnefs to fits. a The deliveracce from the Law wards God. 4 Meeknefs town, ds Goa by Chr A is. 1 Privatively, 2,Fofi- Exemplified from ftriptur.7, Examples. siVely. 3 The Rek belecvers have from 5 Meeiincfs towards Men which con- the %mist) of the Law by coming to fins in ordering Amer. cl2o the right Cluj-4 4 How t. hiiit gives' Reft Objea. "%Teo the right Time. ; To from the Burden of Legel perfor- the reight meafure. 4 To the riche amore,'. 6 Hove Chrift gives Rea,-end Sec. 6 The fad Effeds of Anger. arrest he Burden of Corruption,17,,The Excellency of fMeeknefs. sichtreIn k (hewed hew Sartaificktion 8 Protnifet made to hieekneh. atd Holint is comes from ( htift onl y.19 Many Vaine Reaionsand Pleas for for holinek 6 goys,, Chrift_ gives to. Mtekncfst Illt,:arts ter get anct . \ in4 encouragments to come to Chrift Anger. Anfrfcred. 3* 34491t atiPaL , 1k. ft*P% cut*_ to 4(40-A! ' 442tg*C144 ab - - _

end Bookfeller of London at the Exchang0e ' - New Books of Mr, Jeremiah Burroughs, THE THIRD BOOK ving Chrift. And re a frig the thimble T eacher of thofe chile come to him. ceiving Chrift is Bea, 'net cin is flamed. I Vihat E,.rililit, or Lowlines is 11eVltig Not a What that Lowlinefs of Ir Of Covctouinefs. Heart is that Chtift would nave us to '-'4 Learn of him., 3, Argultencs from lb !he Fiat Book is fbeweci the Lovtlinrfs of Chriff to work Low- (pelidts, many other things) lines of fpi it. its Lt. 4 Pa- p. oper- Y. Pe, fans that baeevers ties,of an humble heart toward. God, are &cc/vers. 1 The Properties of An Humble and 2 That to Receiiie is the Principal Lowly heart in rerpe&of Oar idvet of of Faith 6 The properties of humility in re. hinder (pea of others. t It is fearful, of Rf ctivi; g-, I Nye OW VIII. z Nor, giving or taking ofkInc,-. 2 Ir Oits , Costs eiciao4 3 Nor the frame(;; due honor to_ all. 3 I is tond c! co, of our receipts, 4 Not the great.; others, 4 Its not nerdlt fly ii:,gular from them. 7 The Exceitcpcic, or /leis of all''' l'ants. H , ow Fa, th Receives. Humility. 8 f turnility brings RE'-)T 5 4 7 hat Faith Receives Chrifl. a irtSs, unto the Soul. 9 Means to get Hu the uncles, anding. a In the nitl. utility 6 , t.,e temper of a mart that hash faith. THE FOU.:R.TH BOOK 7- l'he mot/Thy of Faith w The only F ,fie ay to Heaven, 8 Though Faiib be frill yet it makes tiN,' twain is fitictwed *I the cons of God. 9 The 70tie of true Faid). a The way .to Haven that !elm is to There are but few that Receive Cii-.if Teacheth, is an Eafie way, f-.k Os ifki E-videnccs thereof. a The Difference a I 7 hree forts that came not' to ., between the E A S E a Carnal heart chyilt a Such as 'N:ceive hire he is. Such as hack, a'nd the EASE a gtaeous soul 2., , cl,l4 their bath in Religion. 3 The Reafon not as coming to him. 3 Sit,,h a4, give rot , whY come gracious Souls complaine of that place to Chili?, in. their h:.arts . difficulty in Gods wales. 4, What it is that Make: the wales of Gid fa, that is 'cuing for him: ritfie. 1 Confequences from the In the Treatife of Covetouiners ealinefs of Gods voles. 6 Diretti is ibewed; - ons how we may make the, waits of a it is the .Duty of all as they would God Eafie, obtaine eternal Life to beware of . New: Doks of ,Mr i covetourneis. z Tilt. Reafons ofthe Doelrine, a Its Sy4,4Cb Silnpfilln , ViZi'i afoiritual Sin, z. It ov'r fpreade the whole nasn. 3 Its Oppofite to , 1=10 Of i Faith, Or ,, That.- the Nature of Godlin, fl' and Reli- gion,. 4 ,Its the 0000. anti feed :off 1.#1.00itig' is -; recei 4a

Books printed by Peter Cole, printer .42/54n. 5 Its a bare Tin. The Ilangeroufnef? ofcovetoufneg' .1 It is hardly avoided. z Its difficultly cured. Youfhal have all things needful for this life ifyou rail look after Grace. 5 Tour Life lies in Grace, not in Riches. 6 There is more to be feared than to be defired in Riches. ,; 7 ale ibould Martifie our defires of- ter';ticbes. In Baok t Of tlabe!ief: or the want of Re!dineb: &c. is fh;wed I what unbeliefit is that is here fpo- ken of . y. The beg way to deal with vnbe- lief. Sin of vnbekif. 5 That wefhould be quick and ready to beleeve. 6 afotives to inductorfor readinefs to beleeve. 7 Helps to attain readtnefs in Beleev-: ing. In Book Of Not going to Chrifi &c. is :hewed, I That unbelief is a great Sin, and exceeding provoking unto God. z Several arguments provoking us to beleeve thegreatnefs of the Sin ofun- belief. 3 Many Objegions an[wered. 4 Sev oralforts ofthis Sin of unbeliefe. 5 Means to convince us that unbelief is [o great a Sin. 3 That unbeliefis afin againg at the 6 -1 hough the Sin of unbelief be very Attributes of God. great, yet its pardonable. 4 That Chrig will not bear with this 7 God bath pardoned unbelief, and rail pardon it. 4,4,,tp.rovit+.4p444,4,4,44494,4444.4.444:474444+ tholick V ifible Church. By Samuel _Stone in New-England. A TreatiCe of Politick Powers, wherein (even Queftions are anfwered, Whereof Power is made, and for what ordained. z Whether Kings and Governors have an Abfolute Po- wer over the People. 3 Whether Kings and Governors be lubjeft to the Laws of God, or the Laws of their Country. 4 How far the People are to obey their Governors. Dr. Owen againft Mr. Baxter. stittc1P4P4-****************** 40,1p4,4049444, ,Mr. Hookers New Books in three re- hand : None being written-by him- darns : One in 011avo, and filf before. One Volum being a two in .2.Liarto. Commer. upon Chrifi's loft Prayer Thefe Eleven New Books of Mr, in the Seventeenth of John:wherein is ThomasHooker, made in New-England opened, The union beleevers have Are attetted in airEpi tile by Mr. rbe- with God and Chrift, and the glorious ,arias Goodwin, and Mr. Philip Nye, Priviledgi2s thereof. Befides many To be Written with the Authors Own I tier Golpel Truths, there you have thewed. That A Congregational Church is a Ca- Dr. Sibbs on the Philippians Pox Pacifica, or a Perfwafive to Peace. Dr. Preflons Saints fubmiffion, and Sarans Overthrow. Pious Mans Pratlice in Parliament time. Barriffs Military Difcipline. The Immortality of Mans Soul. The Anatomift Anatomized. The Bifhop of Canterbury's Speech woodwards Sacred %Nance.

anaBookleller ofLondon, at the PA-change IV That the end why the Saints receive alglorions Grace, it, That they may be one, as the Father and (brit are one. 1 a That God the Father Itveth the Faithful, as he Jovial) jefus (shrift. That our Savior defireth to have the Faithful in Heaven with binilelf. 4-That the hopoinefl of our being in Heaven, u to fee Chrifis Glory. That there is much wanting in the knowledg ofGods Love, in the 04, ableSaints. 6 That the Lord Chrig - lends dayly direllion, according to the dayly need ofhis Servants. 7 That it is the defire, andendeavor ofour Savior, that the deareft of Gods Love, whichwas beflowed ors binafelf,fhould be given to his faith- ful Servants. 'That our Vnion, and Communion with God in Chrig, is the top of oar happincfl in Heaven.. The firft eight Books :. of the Ap- plication of Redempt4on, By the ef- feftual Work of the Word, andSpirit of Chrift, for the bringing home of loft Sinners to God. In which (be fides many other fea(onable, and Soul- fearching Truths) there is alfo largely ',hewed. a cbrig loath - purchafal al fpiritual goodfor kl I S. .Chrifl puts al HI S into poffefflion of al that good that be bath purchafed. 3; The Soutmuft befitted for chrig be- fore it 'Can receive him : And a po- werful Minigry is the ordinary means to prepare the heart for chrift. 4..The work ofGod isfree : And thv 0 of Salvation, is while this Life tafIsand the Gtifirel continues. 44ittait his is itt any ilike4' bat the m)g I),fore old ,4ge. 0 The Soul is n-Husby fetledin a fin-- fatfectiri.y. 7 The heart of a 'katural men is' wholly unwilling to fiebniit to the u'o, that would fever bin front-. hisfins. 3 God the Father by, a holy kind op violence, plucks Irli3 out of their' corruptions, and draws them to be leeve in Chrig, The Ninth and Tenth Books of the* Application of Redemption by the Effedual Work of the Word; and fpf- rit of Chrift, for the bringing home of loll fanners to God. Befides many- other feafonable, and 'Soul4earching Truths there isalfo-largely fhewed. a Theheart mull be humble and=con® trite before the Lordmil davit in it.' z Stubborn, and bloody !flatters may be made freoken- hearted. 3 There mull be true fight of fin, be-- fore the heart can be broken for it. 4 Application of iliecial fins by- the Minifiry, is a means.to bring mental fight of, andfarrowfor them: teditation of fin,' a fpecial meanr tobreak the heart. 6 The fame word is profitable to fame, not to another. 7 The Lord fointimes makes the word prevaile molt;: whon,its moft - poled. 8 -Sins unrepented Of,' makes,way for- piercing Terrors.- 9The Truth terrible to aguilty cm/4i- ente. 10 Ging' andfcaadalousfinners, God ufually exercifith with heavy brea- - kings of iteart,before they lie-brought I to- C brig. al 'Sorrow fit, fin. rightly fe't ora 'pier CelhMelsears oftbi'fiover fthrotoghly., as ;NO

:E4 oks Printedby Peter Cole, Printer a a They whore hearts are pierced by 4. Want of A ffurance, S. ffliaiorb the wed, are carriedwith love and 6 Temptation. 7. Derertion. 8. rclina to the tvIinifters of it : And ferviceablenefs. 9, Diccouragements are hufie to enquire, and ready to from the Condition it Pelf. Delivered fuhmit to the mind of God. in thirteen Serrnons,on PfaimAz. it. a3 Sinners in difirefi ofconfcience,are His Four Sermons concerning, ignorant what they fhould do. 4 Sin againil the Holy (Molt. ,14 .4 contritefeiner fees a neceffity of I Sins of Infirmitie. coming out ofbis (inful condition. 6 The falfe Apoitle tried and difco- Is Thf e is a fecret hope wherewith vered the Lord rupports thehearts of con- 7 The good and means of Eitablini- trite inners. ment 16 They who are truly pierced for 8 The great things Faith can do. their fins, do priKe and covet deli- 9 The great things Faith can luffet.; verancefrom their fins. sc) The Great Gofpel Mytlery of the 17 True contrition is accompanied Saints Comfort and Holinefs, opened with confeffion oflin, when God cats and applied from Chrifts Priefily thereunto. Office. 18 The Soul that is pierced for fin, is carried with a reftlefl r i flike againft it ,Six Books more of Mr. Hookers in twoVolums in Quito, are printing. Twenty onefeveral Books ofMr. Wil- liamBrld,e, Colletled into two Polumns. Viz. scripture Light the molt fure Light: compared with, I . Revelations &Vili- ons z.Natural & Supernatual Dreams 3 Impreflions with, and without Word.4 Light andLaw within. S. Di- vine Providence. 6. Chriffian Ezperi ence. 7. Humane Reafon. 8. Judicial Aftrology. Delivered in Sermons, on 2 Pet. 1. 19. Chrig in Travel: Wherein, a. The Travel of his foul. z. The firfi and after efieds of his Death, 3 His Ain- ranee of Iffue 4. And his fatisfa&ion aherein.Are opened and cleered in Ser- mons, on /fa. 5 3. 11. 3 ALifting upfor the Carl down,in cafe of, 1. Great fin. 2. Weaknefs of Grace. 3. Mifcarriage of Duties, Satans power to Tempt, and Chrifts Love to, and Care of his People under Temptation 12 Thankfulnefs required in every Condition. 13 Grace. 14 The Spiritual A fangs of Faith through Natural Impoffibilities. is Evangelical Repentance 16 The Spiritual Life, &c. 17 The Woman of Canaan. 18 The '4aint, Hiding place, &c. 19 Chrifts Coming &c, zo A Vindication of Gelpel nances sa Grace and Love beyond Gifts Mr. Brithonenen the Revelation. Claws Chyrurgery. Marks of Salvation. ChainsEngagement for the Go- fpel, by John Goodwin. Great Church Ordinance of%pain Mr. Loves Cafe, containing his Pc! titions, Narrative, and Speech.

and Bookfeller ofLondon, at the Ex, Twelve Books ofMr. Jeremiah. Bur- roughs lately publifbed ; alfo the Texts ofScripture upon which they are grounded. Gofpel Reconciliation,Or Chrifts Trumpet of Peace to the World. Wherein is Opened Gods exceeding willingnefs to be Reconciled to Man ; And Gods fending his Emboli-odors to that End From. a Cor.5. !9, The Rare Jewel of cbriflian con- tentntent, on Phil. 4. I s. Wherein is chewed, I What Contentment is. z It is an Holy art and Myttery. 3 The Ex cellencies of it. 4 The Evil of the con- trary finof Murmuring, and the Ag- gravations of it. 3 Goffrel-worthip, on -Levit. to. ;. Wherein is (hewed, a The right man- ner of theWmibipof God in General; And particularly,In hearing the Word, Receiving the Lords (upper, & prayer. 4 GoINI-Converration on Phil. I 17 Wherein is (hewed, a That the Converfations of Beleevers muff be a- bove what could be by the Light of. Nature.z Beyond thofe that lived un. der the Law. 3 And tumble to what Truths the Gofpel holds forth. To which is added, The Milky ofthole Men that have their Portion in this Life only, on Pfal. 17. 14. 5 A Treatife of Earthly-minded- nefI:Wherein is fhewed, 'What Earth- ly-mindednefs is, a. The great Evil thereof, on Phil. 3. part of the 19.verf. Alf° to the fame Book is joyned, A Treadle of Heavenly-mindednef?, and wilkingwithGod,on Gen. 5. z4. and on Phil.; zo. 6 An expOitiqn on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Chapters of the Propheticof Holm 7 An Exposition on the eightli,1.. and tenth Chapters of Hofea. 8 An Exoefition on the elor:1 twelfth, and chit:Tenth Cho,pten Holes, being now compleat. 9 The Evil of.svil3, or the excee- ding finfulnefs offin, on job a6. a 1. io Precious Faith, On a Pct. I. 1. 11 Of Hope, on a jolv.t 3. 3. I z Of Walking by Faiths on a COY. 5.7. Mr. Burroughs has fifty nine Sermons on Matth. Is. a8, a9, 30a Ark Printed. The Discipline of the Church in Kew-England : By the Churches and Synod there. The Wife Virgies Lamp Burning; Or, Gods Tweet incomes of Love to a gracious Soul waiting for him. Pub- lilbed by air. Thomas Weld, late of New-England. Twelve new Books in one Polum of Nich. Culpeper, 411 called the Idea of Praaical Phyfick. The art to preferve Health. a The preternatural diforder of mans body, and their Signs. 3 Of Medicaments. 4 Of the art of Healing. 5 Of the general Cure of Difeafes. 6 Of External Difeafes. 7 Of Feavers. 8 Of Head Difeares. 9 Of middle Belly Difeafes. to Of Lower belly Difeafes. I Of Venemous Difeafes. OfChildrenDifeafes. -*grm714..,:i! Miry

BooksPrinted by Peter Cole, Printer, &c. Thirty four Books of Nich. Culpeper, I Gent. Student in Pbyfick and ..4ftrologie, formerly publifbed. The 6rft Twenty four Books.Are all called the Praftice of Phyfick, Wherein is plainly fet forth,The Nature,Caufe,; Differences, and feveral forts ofSigns; Together with the Cure of al Difeafes in the Body of Man. Being a Tranfla- tion of the Works of that Learned and Renowned Do&or, LaKaroRilifYill4 now living; Councellor and Phyfitian to the prefent King of France. Above fifteen thoufand of the Paid Books in Latin have been fold 'in a very few Years,having been eight times printed, though al the former Impreffions wan- ted the Nature,Caufes,Signs,and Dif- ferences of the Difeafes, and had only the Medicines for thecure for them; as plainly appears by the Authors Epiftle. 25. A Sure Guide to Phyfick and Chyrurgery : That is to fay, TheArts of Healing by Medicine, and Manual Operation. Being'an Anatomical De- kription orthe whol bodyof Man,and itt parts,with their RefpeEtive difeafes, tiemonftratecl from the Fabrick and ufe of the Paid Parts. In Six Books of tranflated, and adorned with an hundred eighty four Figures cut in. Brafs. 26 Veflingus Anatomy ofthe Body of ahln,Wherein is exattly defcribed,the leveret Parts of the Body of Man, illu- ftrated with very many larger Brafs Plates than ever was in Englifh before. ATranflation of theNew di#en- fatory,made by the Colledg ofPhyfiii- ans of Landon. Whereunto it added The Key toGalena MethodofPbyJick. 28 The Eng* Phyfitian enlarged. being an Aftrologo-Pbyfical Dam* of the vulgar Herbs of this Nation ; wherein i3 fitevved how to cure a mans felf ofmoil Difeafes incident to Mans Body, with -filch things as grow in England, and for three pence charge. Alio in the fame Book is Mewed, The time of gathering al Herbs, both' Vulgarly and Aftrologically. z The way of drying, and keeping them and their Juyces. 3 The way of making and keeping al manner of ufefut Compounds, made of thofe Herbs. The way of mixing the Me- dicines according to the Cade, and. Mixture of the Difeafe, and the part of the Body affliEted. 29 A 7;4rdtoryfor Midwives, Or a Guide for Women. Newly enlarged by the Author in every fheet, and illu- itiated with divers new Plates. 3o Galens Art ofPhyfick, with a large Comment. 3 t NewMethod both of studying and praetifing Phyfick. 3 a ATreadle of the Rickets, being A Difeafe common to Children wherein is fhewcd, t The Effence, 2. The Caufes, 3 The Signs :4 The Remedies of the Difeafe : Publifhed in Latin by Dc. Gliron, Dr. Bates and Dr. Regemorter, tranflated into Englifh, And corretted by N. Cul-, peper. 33 Medicaments for the Poor, Or Phyfick for the Common People. 44 Health for the Rich and Poor; by Dyet without Phyfick, The.London Difpertfatoy in Iloilo, of a large Charatter in Latine. The London Difpenfatory in twelves, a fmal Pocket nook in Latine.

.49 49 0 44. The CoNTENTs of the feveral enfuing Sermons SERMON I. Page THe occafi:on ofthe words The words opened Obferv. z There muft be no- thing in Gods woribip, but what be bath commanded 8 God gods upon little things in matters ofhis worfbip si Obf. 3 No privikdg canfecure from Gods Poke Obf. 4. The more dignity the more ibid Obf. 5. The beginnings of great mat- danger K ters meet with difficulties 13 Obf. 6. Thole that enter into publick places,have need of the fear ofGod ibid Obf. 7. we'boatel pick out Gods mea- ningfrom darkexpreffions in his word i4j Obf. 8. Sinners may meet with judg- ments never threatned in the word i 6 Olt 9. God is very quick with fame in the ,way ofjudgment 17 Obf: ro. The bolineft of a duty will not hear a man out in hi: tnifcarriage in it ibid Obf. z t. The Lord is terrible out of his holy places 18 Obf. zz. Gods fucks:tents are oft [to table tomert.efins ibid Obi'. 13, we ould take heedofbrin- ging ffronle re to Gods Ikrviee SERMON IL Page Obf. 14 Godsfaints many times meet with affihtions in their children zo Obf. vs. Gods fudgments come many times in an invifibte way az Obf. r6. Gods glory more preciou to him than men: lives zz. Obf. r7. The neerer any are to God,the more careful they fhould be toglorifie him. ibid Obf. 38. when judgments are exem- plary we fbould look to the word bow God makes it good 2; Obf. 19. The great honor of Gods Name in the making it holy ibid Obf. zo. True friend/hip to comfort friends in diftref?from the word 24 Obf. zi. The way to quiet the heart, in afftiaion,ts,to think God wit have honor by it zc Do& 1. in worifhipping God wedraw nigh to him 26 Inwhat refpeawe arefaid to draw nigh to God in worfhip z7 Ufe i. To take heed what we do when we woribip God 30, Ufe z. why guilt, cenfciences fly froni the worfhip of God 3 r Ufe 3. why Hypocrites meet with flub fevere judgments 3 r. life 4. Tonegleal Gods werjhip is to depart from him 33 Life 5. Exhortation to be wait re: 6.4wolhip 34 - 3 2 S E Y.-

SERMON III. Page The omiNon of duty will not ft the Anfwered in four particulars Page =1" s favacaNSV. OMIDI mamma/a Ufe 6. The honor of Gods fervents to draw nigh to him 39 Do& z. we mull fanitifieGods Name in drawing nigh tohim 4Z Fiat, inpreparation to his worthip ib. Becaufe he is a great God 43 z The duties ofGods worihip are great 44 3 Our hurts are naturally unprepared 46 4 The hendrances ofGods worihip are ibid many 5 The Heathens prepared to worfbip their Idols ibid 6 Trepanation Pews finality ofheart 47 Five things wherein preparation confifis 48 A right apprehenfion of God 49 z Taking the heart from finfulwaies ibid 3 Taking of the heartfrom the world ibid 4 I In watching and prayer 50 n ailing thefaculties and graces 5 Four things of the excellency of Preparation 5 z It will make duties eafie ibid. z wepall do much in a little time zb. 3 The Lord will pal by weakneg in duties 53 4 it wilt, make the heart 41;311 ready for duty 54 111111M1MagriaosI ...... ..............som.....s................... SERMON IV. 1 ,............. Cafes ofConicknee a whether we be away bound to fet I fome time apart for preparation to du- ties 55 z whether beini not popare I sl he duty ay be omitted [outlay duty 58 z It u but a temptation to keep from duty 59 3 If the duty be done in fincerity,thougb there be not due preparation,itts ibid ter than to omit it - 4 while people firuggle with their cor- ruptions, andfeek not God, they fall intofnares 6r In what manner Duties are to be perlormed,that Gods Name may be fanilified ibid w perform them fo, that we mayglorige God as a God 61 which Ls done s when we offer all we have 6; z u ben we grieve that we can do no more 64 3 There is an impreffion ofGods infi- nitnefl on the duties of his Saints ibid z when thefoulfollows after God as a God 66 3 when the foul comes expelling the choiceg mercies of God ibid How the heart mug behave it felf to ranilifle Gods Name in recta ofhis greatneg and glov ibid a it muft be a fanilifiedheart 67 s Becaufe the Lord accepts the per- fon before he accepts the action 69- 2. God looks more at the principle of the duty, than at the duty ibid 3 According as the heart is, fo will the. duty be 70 SERMON V. amoomeWIIIIMMOIN z in fantlifying Gods None in roor- fhip we muft have high thoughts of God 3 we mna have high ends lanyhip- pingGoet 7z- Sevoroil

The Contents. Page Page Several bale low ends in worfhiping 3 When menrejoyce in atlingtheir pau ts- ibid of God r in fubjelling his worjhip to our lulls 4 when there is little enlargement in ibid fecret 88 ' z Subjeting his worfhip to the praife of 5 When there is not conganty in duty men 73 3 Making felt our end in his worihip Duties ailed by Natural 74 Conicience Whichwe do, I It gives no (trength todo them ibid ' a When we are weary of Duties ifwe I z Theheart loves not the duty ibid, land not that we defire 76 3 It doth not encreafe communionwith z when men are a I reightned in wor(hip, God ibid. and envy others that are enlarged 77 -- ----. --, 3 whin men regard holy duties only in SERMON VI:, times of extremity ibid 4 There mull be reverence and fear in 4 It makes not a duty grongto the foul Gods worfhip 0, 78 89 there mni be flrength to the Duties 5, it limits it all in duty 'bid, ofGods worfhip 8o 6 It is fatmficci with talk 90' c Intention 8 i 7 In the fantlifring Gods Name iiv Strength of) ?Talton &z ( Worchip, there mull be a refignatibir Faculties 83 , ofall to God ibidi 6 There mi4 be an humble frame of 8' all worfhip mug' be tendred in the- fpitit 84 Name ofjefui ch./ill 91: Which confifts Howrto fandifie Gods Narne in refe- r In admiring Gods goodne(l that we rence to his Attributes are alive to come before him, ibid I God is a 1pirit, and to be worlhiped 7 To have no thought of any-Excellency in IPirit 93; in our fives 85 z God is Eternal, andhow-to,worpix 3 To come without our own ri.Oteour him in that confideration, 94 nef?' ibid 3 Goilis incomprehenfible, and there- 4 To take off our hearts from all abili- forefeeth us in every place' 5t5" tfr ofgrace ibid 4 God is unchangable,wbat that fhould 5 To wait Gods leifure iniegardof the teach us in oar worthily 96' time 86 5, God is a living God; and what We' 7 In fanRifying Gods Name we mug) fhould learn-thence ibid.: bring that which is his own ibid s 6' God is,Alnzighty, what that fhould s The matter mug be tbactobich he ' teach us in our worfhip 977 bath commanded ibid 7 God is 0mnifcient, and what that % wematt be Idled by-the fPirit 87 (hould teach us, 98 when duties are died by natural parts, 8 G oil is a God of wildam, andwhat: and not theffririt ofGod' that thotold teach ;a 991 xi If they change not the heart ibid, 9 God is Holy, and what that lhonld If they carry. not through-digitul#ies, L teachlui4 our worfhily . . God is neercijuto and what- that

The Contents. Page jhould teach tit 100 is God is jug, arni what that fhould teach us tor 12. God is Faithful, and what we ihouldlearn thence 102 . MalrameavereePte.ftere......a....*00.s SERMON, VII. vv. warearrwamim, Reafons wby God will be SanCtified in all the Duties ofhis Worfhip. God cloth wil himfelfthe lag end. 04 z The *nal glory God bath in the world,is, to heaaively honored. 105 3 The Dutievofworfhip are the means to convey Godschoiceg mercies ibid 4 we are not fitted to receive mercies, but by fana ifying Gods Name ibid 5 Elie we ihould not hold out in duty. Io6 Application. 1 We have no caufe to regon our duties 107 T'ae work of Religion is hard to flefh and blood 109 We fhould be humbled that we have no more fanaifiedGods dame 110 4 Exhortation to fanaifie Gods Name 113 ';roconfider we have to den!with God in worfhip 114 2 Not to come in our own grength 115 3 Not to be longedwith the duty done. ibid 5 God is dipeafed with the duties of wicked men x16 s God blags labmen i17 z God opens their Eyes on their death-beds to fee what they have done x18 d Thole that lanaifie Gods Xame, be will fanaifie it in a way of mercy 119 1110tleamommeme lawomaamme...41cessomans SERMON, VIII. fag&ifying Gods None in hearing Page the Word 161 Hearing the word a part of Gods wor- t P 162 I We profers our dependance upon God for the knowing ofhis mind 163 z In hearing we wait on God in the' way of an Ordinance ibid In hearing the Word. 1 There mug be a preparation. 165 Which is, 1 To hear the word as theword of God 166 ., To hear the word as Gods Ordi- nance for our good ibid z To plough up the fallowground of the heart, and what is meant by it 168 3 Refoligtion toyield to all truths deli- vered x7o 4 defire after the word ibid 5 Prayer before we hear the word 171 The behavior of the Soul in hearing the Word. s Careful attention to it, ibid Means tohelp attention ibid z An opening of the heart to receive it 17i 3 Careful applying of the word ibid' 4 It mug be mixed withfaith 177 How the word is to be mixed with faith ibid 4...1. +10Mielseseave SERMON, I X. P 5 The.word muff be received with meekntfs 169 6 it muft be heard with a trembling heart 181 7 With bumble fubjeaion to the word =az a it tuft be receivedwith love and joy 584 9 It mug be received into an honea heart 18E 16 We MOhide the word in otir hearts 189 II We

The Contents. Page IT We mug turn the word into praliice 192 SERMON, X. ----- Why God will beglorified in them that bear the word 195 Becaufe there is fo much ofGod in it ibid 2. Godbath appointed it to convey fpe- cial mercies ibid 3 It is quick and lively in working 196 Life 1. Reproofof feveral forts ofmen concerning the wordneedled 197 The fearful ellate of chafe that do not fanetifie God in his word 2.00 x They lofe the cboiceft opportunity ibid z The word will be agreat aggrava.tion offin ibid 3 They that repel the word/gal Chrili 2, or 4 It is an argument ofhardnefs ofheart 202 it is a fad fign of `2eprobation ibid 6 To fuch there can be nothing fanftified 203 7 They are nigh to a curie ibid 8 it will turn to their damnation 2,05 9 it wit not comfort them in ar aims 206 xo God wil make his wordgood upon them 207 I "1 The worclfhalludg them ibid iz God wil blaft them that fannifienot his Xame in his ward 208 Ufe z, exhortation togltorifre the word of God 2,09 God wit lanai fie his Name in mercy upon thofe that fanaifie it in hearing the word ZIO 'I All thegoodin the world is theirs, ib. 2 it is acertain evidence of their eletti- on 213 3 ,God will fantliPe them by the word 2,14 4 They wit be theglory ofthe aliniflers at the dayof aria. ibid 5 it rejoice them hereaftgr wheal Page God (hall magnifle his Word 215 lealasilmesamft, SERMON, XI. , .. forms* Of fan&ifying the Name of God in receiving the Sacrament. 235 i Receiving the Sacrament is apart of Gods worfhip 2,2,6 2, Gods ?Came nutfi befanitified in our receiving the Sacrament. 2,28 Becaufe there are prefented thegrea- teft myfleries offalvation ibid z tt is an ordinance that chria hatb left out of his love ibid 3 It is the Sacrament of our commu. nion with Chriff zzg 4 The Covenant of grace is fealed in , it ibid zNo duty is urged withmore growl) andfeverity ibid 3 Nothing Pikes more upon mens con- iCiences. 230 Howmen are to Sanetifie Gods Name in the Sacrament z; r Thole that receive it mutt be holy z3z Becaufe it is thefeat ofthe covenant ibid z-it is an Ordinance of fpiritual nou- rifhrnent 233 3 Becaufewe are required to examine > our [elves ibid 4 It is a facrament ofcommunionwith God and the Saints 2,34 Z It mmg be received in an holy cOMINti- nion ibid wicked men not -to be admitted to this communion 235 *margoaassowargevaawerse SERMON, -XII., Addition to theformer concerning holy' communion 142 The qualifications in the foul to fit it for receiving the Lords Supper 144 K,noroledg ibid z A broken heart 146 3 4ehi,41 purging the heart from 174,249 4 I71.1070/T

The Contents. Page 4 Hungring and thirfling after Nits aria, 25T 5 Exercife of Faith 252, 6 Exerczfe of1Piritual Joy Z55 7 Tbankfulnef? - ibid 8 Renewing ofCovenant 2,57 9 Rgnewing of love towards God and our 'brethren ' 158 *. SERMON, XIII. we mull keep to the inaitution in the - Sacrament 26.1 Por the gefture 262 Delivering it to all in general,and not into every particular mans hand 2264 3 That the communicants be all the while exercifect in their thoughts about the death of chrill 265 - Meditations in receiving the Sacra- ment 267 1-That the way ofmans falvation it is through a Mediator ibid 2. This Mediator between Gad and man is true Man ibid 3 That his body was broken, and his blood flied for us 268 4 It was the body and blood ofasat per- fon that is God, that 'reconciles us. ib. 5 To confider the dreadfulnefi ofGods in/lice ibid 6 The price of (aving a foul 269 7 The greatell of the evil offin ibid 8 The ingrate love of God to mankind ibid 9 That &lavers fhali be npurilhed to eternal life ibid xo To Meditate upon the covenant of grace to beleevers 270 Holy di&ofitions to toe nauiyedin recei- Page ving the Sacrament 275 OF SACtifying the Name of God in 1 Prayer z7z what preparationwe are to make to pra- yer 274 I Concerning the matter ofPrayer,z76 z Concerning the manner of Prayer z8o i Concerning wandring tkorights in Pra- i yer 282 1 ,............. .............. .,............. am I. NE ... SERMON, XIV. A further enlargment concerning wand-. ring thoughts in Prayer 2.83 i Five Rules to help again a wandring thoughts r Set an high price upon the dutieizsb8 of ibid prayer 2 To renew refolutions againa wan- dying thoughts 187 3 T olet the pre fence ofGod 12(Pre us z88 4 re account all wandring thoughts ibid evil 5 To blef? God if at any time be did help us againft them 289 I 3 For fantlifyingGods Name in prayer, 1 there mu(t be the breathings of the Spirit 289 I4There mug bepure hearts and hands z6z 5 we mufl call upon God in truth ibid 6 we muff pray in Faith 293 7 In the fpirit of adoption 2,94 8 we mutt praywith conftancy ibid 9 we mult pray in humility DO we muff tender up all our prayers in 1 the dame of Chrig 296 i COnagflOn01 all I . 297 GOSPEL,

Goi etWorthip o The Right Manner of drawing nigh to God.,in General : Andparticularly in theft Three great ORD 1 N AN C E S : I . Hearingofthe WORD. Viz. 2 qcceiving the Lords SUPPE 3. PRAYER. Leviticus, 10. 3. Then Mofes raid unto Aaron,This is it that theLord fpale,faying; 1 wit befanEfified in them that come nighme, and before al the (People I will beglorified. .And Aaron held his peace.. ++s ++++ words are rhefpeech of 'More' to Aaron 4040444441 his Brother, endeavoring to quiet and corn- . fort his heart, which was ( no queftion ) ex-- 1114 *4. ceedingly troubled upon that great antfore .4.4442.44 affliotion that was upon him, in the ftrange 4444144+ death ofhis twoSons, Wadab and Abiba : The ftory is this : After Aaron, Sons were Confecrated to the Prieftly Office, they coming to attend this their Office, the very firar day after their confecration to offer Incence unto God, they; ventured tooffer Incenfe with ftrange Fire, with other Fire thaw a t od

The right manner of driving- nicrh God had appointed : Upon that the fireof Gods wrath broke out upon them, and flew them both prefenrly in the very San- diary before all the people, for it was a folemn time : being the beginning of the folemn Confecration of the Prieft-hood. - Upon chis,che fpirit of .Aaron couldnot but be exceedingly trou- bled,to fee his two Sons thus ftruck. Now 111Ofes comes to him and faith, This is that which the Lord ipake, I will beJantlified in them that draw nigh me, andbefore all the people I avil be rifled. Andupon this, ,Aaron held his peace. We read that once fire came down fromHeaven in a way of Mercy to confume the Sacrifices : but now fire comes down from Heaven in a way of Judgment to confume the Sacrificers, even Nadab and ,Abihu : they were .AaronSons, the Sons ofa godly man, the Sons of the High-Prieft, they were his eldeft Sons, for Aaron hadocher Sons befides Nadab and Abihu, leaciar and Ithamar, but thefe werehis two eldeft Sons : they were two tongmen, they were ftruck in the very primeof their age, they were two that were newly confecrated in the Prieffs Office,for fo you find in the 9. Chap. And theywere two men ./39,,,-e-Z ofrenown in theCountry,and before all the people of/ELfie two . men that God had much honored heretofore ; as you final find in Exod. Chap. 24. and thebeginning ; thisNadab and Abihu were men of great repute, andgreat renown, that God did much honor in former times ; for when God called 'Moles and Aaron with the Elders tocome tohim, he Tingles out Nadab and Abi- bat amougft the refl., and names them. And be Paid untocillfo- fes, Come up unto the Lord, thou and Aaron, Nadab and A- bihu,and '7o.of the Elders ofIfrael. 'Moles and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu are only named, and then 7o. of the Elders in general, but 'More' Aaron,Nadab,and Abihu, as if thefe were the four eminent menof renown among all the people of Ifrael, he names noneof the7o. Elderi but thefe two, befides 'Mfrs and Aaron : therefore thefe two that wereconfumed by ftrange fire, were rem; novvnedmen, and newly confecrated into their Office. What was theirfin ? Their fin it was offeringof grange fire,fo the text faith that they offeredfirangefire,which God commanded them nor, in the beginning of the Chapter. But

to God in Worfhip. But had Godever forbidden it ? Where do we find that eve God had forbidden them to offer ftrange Fire, or appointed that they should offer only onekind of Fire ? There is no text of Scri ture that you can find from the be inning of gene if to this p ace, w ere a at ai in terminis io man words expre ou a o er no re zit one 14n o re. An yet ere r e are confuted by Fire fromGod for offerin thane Fire. I find in t e 5 C7. o xo ver. 9. that there they were or widen offering !grange Incenfe, but I do nor find that they were foL- biden offering ftrange Fire. In Levit 6. i and divers verfes in that Chapteer we find that God had appointed that they thould keep contiantly theFire on the Altar burning, and never to let it go out : Now that was (it Teems) Gods intention that there- fore they fhouldmake ufe ofthat Fire, and that Fire only. God would have them to pick out his meaning : God fenc Fire down from Heaven upon the Altar, fo in the latter end ache 9. Chap. God fent down Fire from Heaven, and gave them a charge to keep that Fire on the Altar confiantly, and never to let it goout :. fo chat it teems God would have them pick outhis meaning, that becaute he had fent downFire from Heaven upon the Altar, and gave them power tokeep that contently, God would have them therefore to underfland, that what Incenfe or Sacrifice he would have theufe ofFire in, it timid be only that Fire and no other, thou h God did never fa to them diredl in thefe words, You Pall make tile of this fire an no other, but God would have them tounderfland this. That's their fin therefore in offeringof ftrange Fire. Now. Firecomes from the Lord anddot h continue them. Some think this Vire came from the Altar, but furely is could not beany ordinary Fire that did confume gZadab and Abihu at this time : for you that find in the next vet. tomy text, That thebo, dies of Wadal, and Abihuwere not confumed by the fire, no, not their cloaths,they werekird by the fire and yet their cloathsWere whol, therefore it was not an ordinary Fire,it was lame Cceleftial Fire (truck into them to flay them, for fo faiththe text in the 4. ver. Come neer, carry away your Brethrenfrom before the Sane Efitary out of the Camp : and fo, they went and carried them in their Cratsouroftbe Carnp,fo that their cloathes and bodies were nor confined, only they were kil'dby theFare : theywere(truck wit 4

The right manner ofdrawing nigh With afudden death, and that in the pretence of the Lord : fuci, a death as God had never threatned in the Word before, God had never threatned the Prieffs and faid, If you offer ftrange Fireyou (hall be consumed by Fire : But yet God (mires them with death by Fire,theyhad not time to leek God,no not fo much ( as we ufe to fay ) as to fay, Lord have mercy upon me: they had no time to promife amendment ac all : now upon this heavy judgment, the heart of Aaron could not poffibly but be very much troubled, yea and the fpirit of 'Wei coo, for '1114e' was their Unkle, and .Aaron their father,they could not but be excee- dingly much grieved : but glaref being the brother of .Aaron,fee- ing his fpirit (noqueftion) exceedingly tr-c-aled, bein, under fuch a fad affliaion, and that fuch a Godly man even as ttlaron was fhould have fuch a fad judgment befit his children : 'Mops comes and fpeaks comfortably to him, and labors to fupport his fpirit: And how doch he do it ? He comes not as ordinarily youLife to vitit dour brethren, Oh youmu be content with this : No? but becomes and applies the Word of God, and flews how. God muff be fanttified ; andwilTat he comes to quiet he heart of his brother Aaron. This is that which the Lord bath if;f.ke faith a/oref : He fears to ftay the heart of his brother with that which God fpake. 'But where do we find that god fpake this? It's hard to find in any Scripture theft very words in termini, before this time : and therefore Augultin thinks it was only the word Godfpake, but not written, and lo they had it from hand to hand by tradition as many other things, as the Prophefie of "Enoch that the Apoftle Jude fpeaks of youdo not find it writ- ten in the Book of God, and yet the Apoftle fpeaks of it, fo that indeed it was from hand to hand : yea and we find in .he new Teftament when Paul [peaks of a thing that Chrift should fay ;,how chat our Lord faith, It is amore bleffed thing to give than-tOi*eirve ; you find it recorded in the Golpels that Chuff laid So:, this is that which the Lord faid, though it was not Wri0Afrom thebeginningof genetis to this very places or otherwifethough it be not recorded in exprefs tames, yet fomthing is recorded to the fame purpofe and eifett : and fo it. may feem tohave reference to that Scripture Exod. 29.43. there . we

to we have a Scripture come as neer to it as any I know. And there wil I meet with the Children ofIfrael, and the Tabernaclejbal be fanaified by myglory, that's as much in dna, as I rvil befanEfi- fied in thole that come nigh me, in thofe that come toworthip me in my Ta',,ernucle, I wil be befanaified in all things that eoncera my Worfbip, I will be lure tobe fanatfied there. I roil befanff i_fled] I wil be tHailarreol, for it is the very fame that you have in the Lords Prayer, 'Hallowed be thy Nune) only that's the Greekworci, and this is the Ilebrepo : but if you would tranflate this word into qreek, you mull tranfla te it by the fame word that Chrifir fpake when he taught hs D iiciples to pray, Wallowed be tigyN,aine,Hallovaed and Sanaifiecl is all one. Lord let thy Name appear to be Holy : fo T rxil be Sanifified that is, 1 will have my Name appear to be Holy, I will be made known unto my people, and to all the world that I am a 'Holy God : that's the meaning of, 1 Will be Sanfttfied, I wil be knowu toall the world that I am a -Holy God. .And beforeall thepeople Iroil beglorifzed, fo it is in the latter part of theverfe, as if God fhould lay,1 account it to be my q/ory that I fhould be manifefted cobe 'Holy before all theworld. I rail beSandiffed ; that, is, I wil have my People to demean and carry themfelves fo, asto hold forth their acknowledgment ofmy Volinefl fo ' as by their.carriage I may appear to he a "Holy God. I will be San&ified by them, or otherwile it they than. not in an aliveway Sarafifie myName, that is, if they than not demean themfelves to as to hold forth the Glory of my (Holy- nefi, then I will be fanaified upon them ; I will demean and carry my felf towards them fo, as by my aions upon them, I -will make it appear what a clio/y God I am : So God is Sanalli- ed twowales, either by the clio/iYieg of his People, in their car- riage towards him holding forth the Glory of Gods ellolineff and fo in that i Pet. 3. 15. SanEftfie the Lord god in your hearts; the Saints do Sanalti,- God in their hearts when they fear God as a `Holy God, and Reverencehim, and love him as a holy God, and fo fanaifiehim in their lives, when their lives do hold forth ) theglory ofGods 'Holinefx, then God is Sanaified. But then if we do not do fo, then God faniffifies himfeif, that -is inwaits ofbidgment upopOiofe that donot in waits of Von- . B 3 nefs 5

The right manner ofdrawing nigh Hell fail&ifiehis Name. And thus you have it, Siek: 28.22. And fay, Thus faith the Lord god, Behold I am againfi thee 0 Zt- don, and I wil be glorified in the midfl of thee, and they fbal know that I am the Lord, when I fhal have executed judgment in her, and (hal befarOified in ber. And this is all one with I wil beglo- rified in the midfl of them. And in Slek: 38. 16. 23. you have to the fame purpoie, And thoufbalt come upagainft mypeople of if rael, as a cloud to cover the Land : it fhal be in the latter daief and I wit bring thee againjt my Land that the 'Heathen may know me, when I fhal be fanEfified in thee 0 Cog, before their eyes. And ver. 23. Thus nil I rnagnifie my fell', &fanEfifie myfelf, and wil be known in the eyes ofmany Wations,& they pal know that I am the Lord,in the way of the execution ofJudgment: thus I wil fanttifie my felf, foI wil be fanCtified in thofe that draw nigh me. In thofe that are nighme :71 Nighones, fo it may be read : that is efpecially the (Prieffs that did approach to God. (Dielt, 42. 13. they approach to God efpecially. But it is meant generally of all thofe that fhal have to deal in my Worfbip, whofoever than come to Worfhip me, let them look to ic, they muft fantlifie my Name, they muft fo demean themfelvas in my Worship, as to hold forth my Name to be Vol, : or otherwife, I will manifeft my Pelf againft them in the waies of Judgment, for I will ap- pear to be a `Holy God, I Wil have the gloryof mySlolinerr one way or other (faithGod ) in thofe that come neer Me; As if God should fay, Though it's otherwife with men, they indeed will be ready to favor thole that are neer them, but I will not do fo. Men will sooner pals by the offences of thole that are neer them, than thofe that are not As fuppofe that a ftranger commits an offence,you wouldbe fevere towards him ; but fup- pofe it were oneof your own Cdildren, or Kinfmen, what would youdo then ? Do not we fee that men will rather favor their own Kindred than ftrangers, though the offence be the fame ? ut I will not do fo faith God. Suppofe it be one of your own family, wil not yoube ready to excuse them ? Suppofe it were your own Child that fhould commit filch an offence, Oh ! what friends would you make to take him off from puthfhtnent ? Thoughmen would do fo towards their own, yet be bitterand fe- vere towards itrangers a Yet 1 wil not be fo laith God ; Let thofe- thag

to god in Worfhip. that are neer me look to it, I will be fauttified by them. I will be fantified in thole that draw neer me. Now upon this, when Wofef laid thus, That God would be fanttified in thole char draw neer him : this was 111ofes fcope to Aaron, as if 'Moles fhould fay Aaron though I confefs the hand of God is heavy upon you this day : Yet it is fit for you to fub- mit to God, 'cis tit that God fhould be glorified what ever be- comes ofyou ; you are deare to God,bur Gods Name is dearer to him then you are ::what ever the liVes of your Ions were, yet it is tic that God should be honored, and his Name Scznaified what ever become of your Sons, or of your Comforts, and therefore let your heart be quieced,you have had a great lots and afilidionupon you ; but God bath had glory ; God hash glo- rified himfelf. How hath God glorified himfelf ? Very much by this way ; for God by this way have done an att to make al the People of the Land fear before him ; to caufe them to Worfhip himwith al reverance. All the people of the Land teeing fuch a Judgment as this, and hearing of it ; they will learn for ever to fear and reverance this God they wil fay, How (hall we appear before this (Holy God ? We had need take heed how we appear in his pretence, and Worpip him according to the way that He Himfelf would be Worfbzped ; As if 'More" fhould fay, This Honor that God hath by this tneanes in the hearts of his people ; it is that that you thould account a greater good than the Lives of your Children,what ever they are. This is the fcope of 'Moles fpeech toAaron. Now upon this the Text faith: Aaron heldhispeace :1 Hewas filenced. It may be before, He was exprelling himfelf in grief, and forrow'd exceeding much in words ; but now he was quiet and had nothing to fay : he did by his filence acknowledg his Children were deer to him, but it's fit that God fhould be glorified what ever becomes of his Children, and therefore Aaronholds his peace. But the word that is here trantlated, his peace, It hath more in it than tneerfilence; for the Hebrews have another word that fignifie meer filence of speech : but this fignifies, a flaying of the heart,that it doch not further proceed in any trouble of fpirit, a filence in the very heart, ftaying of it ; a flaying of the B 4 tions 7

The right manner ofdrawing nigh tions of the Heart. I find the fame word to beufed inScripture, when joibua laid to theSun, fiandflil flay thy felf on gibeon, yof 10. rz. It is the fame word that is here tranflated,and .Aaron held his peace, that is, he was flayed from further vexing or trou- bling of himtelf or being difquieted ; whereas his Heart was in a thong violent motion o Now glees fpeech did flop him, and gave a flop to his Heart to make it nand flit in a wonderful manner, As theSun, when 70pua fpake to it tonand flit. As if theLord fhould have fpoken to his Heart, Aaron, thy heart is in a mighty thongmotion, but confider that I muff be fandified in thole that draw nigh me; and let all thole motions of chy Heart be (tor and quiet. Thus nowyou fee the meaningof the Scripture, and the Scopeair. Now in this Scripture you have thefe Threefpecial and notable Points. a That in worfhipofgod, there is adrawingnigh unto Sim. 2 That when rve do drawnigh to god, wefhould take, heed to ourfelves that wefanEfife godsName. 3 Ifwedo not fanEfifie godsName in our drawings nigh to Slim, then certainly godwilfanEfifte his onNameupon us. Thefe are the Three Points that I intend tohandle ; And efpe.. daily the fecond to handle largely among you. I confefs upon another occafion in one Sermon I have fpoke our of thefe words, but now I intend nor only in general, to thew you how you fhould fanttifie Gods Name in Worjhip, but likewife in the parti- cular Alts of Worfhip : As fandifyinp,His N__ ame in Prayer, in ,Receivir2gthe Sacrament, in beam the Word ; in the feveral chief partsof the Woribipot Goa, ow his Name fhould be fan- dified : For in al thefe you do draw nigh to God. And for that end I have pitch'dmy thoughts upon this Scripture. But before I come zo thefe Three great Points, that are the principal Points in the words read unto you ; I fha I take updivers other Notes of obfervation chat lie up anddown as it were fcattervd, that are erfgreat ufe, and wil help us further tomake ufe of this Scripture in the other points that lfhal come to afterward, and handle more largely. The firft Note is this, That ingod', Worfhip there mull be no- thing tendred up to god but what he bathcommanded,. voloatfo- &ver we meddle within theWorfhip of god, it mull be 'Oat WC kW a Warrant for out of tioe Wordof cod, Foy