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168 The right manner ofSant-lifting the So bccaufe preaching of the Word is the great Ordinance that 2 God hath appointed to convey himfelf by, therefore he doth , require that thou fhouldeft thew thy refpett tohim, fo far as to A tend upon him in this Ordinance. The Second thing that is to be done in way of preparation, it is, To plowup the fallow ground ofyour hearts, and not to fon, arnongft thornes ; as you have it in Jer. 4. 3. and fo in 'Hof. a o. The Word of God (youknow) is compared to feed, in that APdr.ible ofChrift, in%lat. i 3. And an Auditory is compared to the ground : I fuppofe you are al acquainted with that Parable of the Sower, that it is to fet out theMiniftry of the Word, and what fruit it hath upon the hearts of men ; a Congregation is like the Field, and a Minifter preaching is like the Sower that fowl the Seed in the Field ; he knows not whichTruth, whether that or the other wit profper ; the feed being fowed, in fome part of the ground is loft, and in another part it grows : fo in one Pew the feedof theWord is loft, in another Pew it grows up. BLit now, if people that are compared to theground,would fohear the Word, as God Name may be fandified in it, their hearts mutt be plowed : as if one thould fow feed upon green foil, fow it in the fields upongreen grafs, What would become of it I The ground muff firft be plowed for the preparation of the feed. -gueft. But youwit fay, What if the meaning oftheVowing ofour heartsfor thepreparation ofthe Word ? .Anf. Themeaning is nothing elfebut this ; Thework ofHu- miliat ion, thehumblingof the foul before the Lord when it doth come tohear Gods Word. Humble it in thefeTwoRegards : Fait, Be humbled foryour Ignorance, that youknow fo lit4 tle of Gods Mindas you do. Secondly, Be humbled for al the finfulnefs of your hearts, be enfible of the tinfulnefs and wrecchednefs of your hearts, and the miferable condition that you are inOf you can get your hearts broken with the fence ofyour finandmifery, and come fo to hear the Word, it is very like the Wordmay beofmighty ufe, and Gods Name may be very much fandified inyour hearing of thoWord, no