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tone ofGod in hearing bvs W d'aD. and with joy is is not fandified : you do not fandifie Gods Name, nor is it fan& ified unto you. Youmuff receive the word, not only as the Trueword of the Lord, but as the good wordof theLord. In Theft. 10. we find it to be the caufe of mens being given over to a fpirit ofdelufion, becaufe they received not the Word of God in love : It is fpoken of Antichrift that at his coming, he alai come with al deceivablenefs, and he that prevail with them that perifh : Who are they ? They that receive not the love of the truth, that they might be faved. It is not enough lily Brethren, to receive the truth that we migh.: be laved, but we mutt receive the love of the truth if ever we would be faved : good is theword of the Lord to my foul. Andwe mutt receive is with joy too as wel as with love ; ;Prov. 2,. to. When wifdorn entreth into thy heart, andknopoledg it pleafant unto thyfoul ; then dzf- cretion preferve thee, underfiandangfbal keep thee,i94c. That is a great matter, when the word reveals force Truth to thy un- derftanding, and thou canal fo receive it as it should be pleafant to thy foul, that thy foul rejoyces in it ; it is a good word, it is that which cloth me goodat the heart. When a people can hear the word, and the word coming neer unto them, they can fay, This word doth me good at theheart, is is pleafant tomy foul that is excellent, In Aff . 2. 41. the Godly aredefcribed ( thole that did receive the word fo as to lanai& Gods Name in it) by this, That theygladly received the Word, andwere baptiled : and the fame day there wereaddedunto themabout three thou- fandfouls. Therewere three thoufand in one day that didgladly receive the word : What an Auditory had Teter at this time Then the word it did them good,when they gladly received it. ON. But it may be laid, We read in 'Match. r 3. of theflony ground,the hearers that were notgood, and didnot profit by the Wordfo as to be faved,yet they received the Wordwithjoy. And Herod, it itfaid of him, That he heard.John l3apt&gladly. It feem.r then that oil nat enough to receive it withgladnefl. 4nfw. To that I Anfwer ,Firft, There mutt be that which Hypocrites may have,, if there be want ofthat, we cannot fan- Gods.NArne. but youwg fay, We inuji gofurther, or elfe gods Name is not faatified. Thai I confefs-: Thereforewhen Ifpeakof gladnefsAnd joy, krfow, that I mean another kind of S joy 185