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.49 49 0 44. The CoNTENTs of the feveral enfuing Sermons SERMON I. Page THe occafi:on ofthe words The words opened Obferv. z There muft be no- thing in Gods woribip, but what be bath commanded 8 God gods upon little things in matters ofhis worfbip si Obf. 3 No privikdg canfecure from Gods Poke Obf. 4. The more dignity the more ibid Obf. 5. The beginnings of great mat- danger K ters meet with difficulties 13 Obf. 6. Thole that enter into publick places,have need of the fear ofGod ibid Obf. 7. we'boatel pick out Gods mea- ningfrom darkexpreffions in his word i4j Obf. 8. Sinners may meet with judg- ments never threatned in the word i 6 Olt 9. God is very quick with fame in the ,way ofjudgment 17 Obf: ro. The bolineft of a duty will not hear a man out in hi: tnifcarriage in it ibid Obf. z t. The Lord is terrible out of his holy places 18 Obf. zz. Gods fucks:tents are oft [to table tomert.efins ibid Obi'. 13, we ould take heedofbrin- ging ffronle re to Gods Ikrviee SERMON IL Page Obf. 14 Godsfaints many times meet with affihtions in their children zo Obf. vs. Gods fudgments come many times in an invifibte way az Obf. r6. Gods glory more preciou to him than men: lives zz. Obf. r7. The neerer any are to God,the more careful they fhould be toglorifie him. ibid Obf. 38. when judgments are exem- plary we fbould look to the word bow God makes it good 2; Obf. 19. The great honor of Gods Name in the making it holy ibid Obf. zo. True friend/hip to comfort friends in diftref?from the word 24 Obf. zi. The way to quiet the heart, in afftiaion,ts,to think God wit have honor by it zc Do& 1. in worifhipping God wedraw nigh to him 26 Inwhat refpeawe arefaid to draw nigh to God in worfhip z7 Ufe i. To take heed what we do when we woribip God 30, Ufe z. why guilt, cenfciences fly froni the worfhip of God 3 r Ufe 3. why Hypocrites meet with flub fevere judgments 3 r. life 4. Tonegleal Gods werjhip is to depart from him 33 Life 5. Exhortation to be wait re: 6.4wolhip 34 - 3 2 S E Y.-