Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

208 The net manner ofSanEtifying the bey it ; but when God comes to judg you by the Word, then you fhall obey it : Then when God comes to reade that Lent ence out ofthe Word, Co ye cur into everlafting fire : then I fay, you fhall be forced to obey it. L, 2. Laftly, There is yet one thing rnore ( which fhould have been mentioned before ) which is very remarkable : That thole men whichdo not fanaifie Gods Name in his Word, they will be blafted, even here while they live, their parts and common gifts that they yet have, will be blafted, wither, and come toDa.. thin 1.) We find it ordinarily, that many that are yong , had v y good beginnings., and very good parts, chat were very hopeful, and wouldrpeak very favorly where they came ; at- terwards beginning by degrees to neglect the Word,, the Lord bath blafted them, their gifts have withered, the common gifts ofthe Spirit have been taken from them. I will give you one text for that in Luke 8. 18. Take heed therefore how you hear. (Ic is an Exhortation that follows upon the parable of the Sower that went out to fow) becaufe it is fo that. when the Word is fowen as feed, there is lo littleof it cloth profper, and molt hea- rers do not fan&ifie Gods Name in it, therefore look to your felves ; Why ? 'For whofoever bath, to himfbal begiven ; and n'hofoever bath not, from him pal be takeneven that which he feemeth to have. You had need look to your felves how you hear, for the truth is, al depends upon it under God ; have you got any common gifts of the Spirit ofGod, or any abilities to do any fervice for God ? Donot be proud of then, neither be jolly, nor think that you areable to dobetter than others, and that thofe are but ordinary things that the Minifter fpeaks , and you are gotten into a higher form. Look to your felves, take heed you come nor to the Word with a proud Spirit, be not offended at theplainnefs of the Word take heed how you hear, for if dou donor, that that you kern tolhave fhall be taken fromyou, faithChrift : You feem to have excellent gifts, yea, you feem to have grace too, but take heed how you hear for all this, what- foever parts youhave got, though you be highly efteemed in the company where you come, and you are able to do things more than others, yet I fay, Take-heed howyou hear, for o- therwife that that you have, wi! be taken away from you : have we