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Name of god in bearina. his W o R D. 211 bring Cbrift down from above ; or, who pail descendinto the deep, That is, To bring Chriji again from the dead ? But what faith it ? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that is, the word offaithwhichWCpreach. The text bath fome difficulty, and yet exceeding fweet tous to know it ; I con- fefs if the ApottleTaub had not quoted this place of 'Deuterono- my, and thus interpreted it, who could ever have thought in rea- ding ofVeuferonemy,that by one had been meant the word of the Law, &by the other the wordof the Gofpel ? Theifore the mea- ning is this, here is a comparifon between the word ofthe Law,8c the word of the Gofpel. Concerning the word of the Lam, ,there is two things wherin that comes f#ort of the word of theGofpel. Firft, It is not fo nigh thee. - Secondly, It is not fo certain to allure thy foul what fhall comeof thee to all eternity : The wordOf the Law faith, Who foal afcend into 'Heaven, eft. but theword ofthe Gofpel is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart. Ycu will fay, Why is not the word ofthe Law as nigh oneas the word of the Gofpel I Anfwer, Theword of the. Law, you hear it in your ears, but it is not written in the heart as the word of the Gofpel is : The Law cannot work favingly upon the heart of a man to brine falvation : thofe that are meerly. Legal, they can hear the Duties that arerequired , but the word hash no power to write in their hearts what they do hear. But now when you come to hear the wordof theGofpel, that is nigh you, even in your very hearts as well as in your ears ; God (peaks in it, and it comes into your hearts, and there it works efficacioufly, which the Law cannot : The Law is but a dead letter in comparifon of the word of the Gofpel. If you come meerly tohear the Law preached, and not in an Evangelical way, you may, hear it a hundred times, and it will never be written in your hearts ; but whenyou come to hear the Gofpel in anEvangelical way, that will come tobe written in your hearts, fo that the word of the Gofpel is nighyou. But what is the meaning of theother,, Say not, whopall afcend rip into rHeaven ? &c. The meaning is this ; As if the Apoitle fhould fay,The truth is,while you have no other but the righteoufnefs of the.Law, youareat an infinite un- certainty about your eternal eftates.The Law fairb,Vo and live; .X but