Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner ofdrawing nigh With afudden death, and that in the pretence of the Lord : fuci, a death as God had never threatned in the Word before, God had never threatned the Prieffs and faid, If you offer ftrange Fireyou (hall be consumed by Fire : But yet God (mires them with death by Fire,theyhad not time to leek God,no not fo much ( as we ufe to fay ) as to fay, Lord have mercy upon me: they had no time to promife amendment ac all : now upon this heavy judgment, the heart of Aaron could not poffibly but be very much troubled, yea and the fpirit of 'Wei coo, for '1114e' was their Unkle, and .Aaron their father,they could not but be excee- dingly much grieved : but glaref being the brother of .Aaron,fee- ing his fpirit (noqueftion) exceedingly tr-c-aled, bein, under fuch a fad affliaion, and that fuch a Godly man even as ttlaron was fhould have fuch a fad judgment befit his children : 'Mops comes and fpeaks comfortably to him, and labors to fupport his fpirit: And how doch he do it ? He comes not as ordinarily youLife to vitit dour brethren, Oh youmu be content with this : No? but becomes and applies the Word of God, and flews how. God muff be fanttified ; andwilTat he comes to quiet he heart of his brother Aaron. This is that which the Lord bath if;f.ke faith a/oref : He fears to ftay the heart of his brother with that which God fpake. 'But where do we find that god fpake this? It's hard to find in any Scripture theft very words in termini, before this time : and therefore Augultin thinks it was only the word Godfpake, but not written, and lo they had it from hand to hand by tradition as many other things, as the Prophefie of "Enoch that the Apoftle Jude fpeaks of youdo not find it writ- ten in the Book of God, and yet the Apoftle fpeaks of it, fo that indeed it was from hand to hand : yea and we find in .he new Teftament when Paul [peaks of a thing that Chrift should fay ;,how chat our Lord faith, It is amore bleffed thing to give than-tOi*eirve ; you find it recorded in the Golpels that Chuff laid So:, this is that which the Lord faid, though it was not Wri0Afrom thebeginningof genetis to this very places or otherwifethough it be not recorded in exprefs tames, yet fomthing is recorded to the fame purpofe and eifett : and fo it. may feem tohave reference to that Scripture Exod. 29.43. there . we