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the Name of god in PRAYER.. 297 that you have underftood lo little of this Art in fan& ify Name of God in Prayer : It is an Art and. Myftery that you tiny be inftrated in, and you are not Chrift iatis till you ate in- itiaed in this, as in an Art andMy ftery : And that man and woman that (hall be int' uard truly in this Arc and Ay itery int fatetifying Gods Name now in the worill'ping of him , filch a men and woman than be to all eternity taatifying the Name of God in pra ling of him. There is a time comingwhen alithe Saints muftbe in the pretenceof GA, and be alwaies praifings of him, and they 111111 then f.maifie Gods Name for ever ; IE us now learn this art of Canttifving. Gods Name in praying chat_ we may eternally lanai& his Naars:: in praifing of him.. 4,4044.*.4. 61444 ti4P.$14244-4-io $ .frie 4).4747*474 440 444.1-1144.1.4444+4,4: t044444.44441.4,144. The Alphabetical TABLE. Page A Abfol utely Piritual things to be prayedfor abfolutely 277 kb, A car, Acceptation A cctptation of our perfuns, the means of it 69- God accepts n)t Oe duties of wicked in! /2 1 I 6 The cervices of the Saints accepted rzo Aa, A Ilual,Aaion, fee Grace A faud faulliflcation 68, Toe /AM accepts the per fort brim the Adion 69 God u a pure A41, and requires. Aanal fervice 97 Adoption Sign of adoption ta. ehfire to be oft in Gods pretence 36 Ife *Alpray, ix,* BPhil of adoption 294 I A ffeetions Affef}ions, the ftrengthof them requi- red in. Gods wo, (hip 8 2, Aggravtion Aggravationvffin, to neglect due hea- ring ofthe word zoo. Afil &ions, fee Honor They that tartar*not:God in hearing the word, can have no comfort from it in affralone zo0 whether it be lawful to.pray for affliai- i ons 277 i Afflictions in themfelves materially 1 evil 27 Alt & All that we have,naug be given to God 63: All thingslanaified to,thegodly 319. Attar Chrift is the Altar upon which we mit. (f p. all, ourfacrifices, -.Alas&6_AnFtel taftdi 5z) ,I ,- Page.