Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner ofdrawing nigh Hell fail&ifiehis Name. And thus you have it, Siek: 28.22. And fay, Thus faith the Lord god, Behold I am againfi thee 0 Zt- don, and I wil be glorified in the midfl of thee, and they fbal know that I am the Lord, when I fhal have executed judgment in her, and (hal befarOified in ber. And this is all one with I wil beglo- rified in the midfl of them. And in Slek: 38. 16. 23. you have to the fame purpoie, And thoufbalt come upagainft mypeople of if rael, as a cloud to cover the Land : it fhal be in the latter daief and I wit bring thee againjt my Land that the 'Heathen may know me, when I fhal be fanEfified in thee 0 Cog, before their eyes. And ver. 23. Thus nil I rnagnifie my fell', &fanEfifie myfelf, and wil be known in the eyes ofmany Wations,& they pal know that I am the Lord,in the way of the execution ofJudgment: thus I wil fanttifie my felf, foI wil be fanCtified in thofe that draw nigh me. In thofe that are nighme :71 Nighones, fo it may be read : that is efpecially the (Prieffs that did approach to God. (Dielt, 42. 13. they approach to God efpecially. But it is meant generally of all thofe that fhal have to deal in my Worfbip, whofoever than come to Worfhip me, let them look to ic, they muft fantlifie my Name, they muft fo demean themfelvas in my Worship, as to hold forth my Name to be Vol, : or otherwife, I will manifeft my Pelf againft them in the waies of Judgment, for I will ap- pear to be a `Holy God, I Wil have the gloryof mySlolinerr one way or other (faithGod ) in thofe that come neer Me; As if God should fay, Though it's otherwife with men, they indeed will be ready to favor thole that are neer them, but I will not do fo. Men will sooner pals by the offences of thole that are neer them, than thofe that are not As fuppofe that a ftranger commits an offence,you wouldbe fevere towards him ; but fup- pofe it were oneof your own Cdildren, or Kinfmen, what would youdo then ? Do not we fee that men will rather favor their own Kindred than ftrangers, though the offence be the fame ? ut I will not do fo faith God. Suppofe it be one of your own family, wil not yoube ready to excuse them ? Suppofe it were your own Child that fhould commit filch an offence, Oh ! what friends would you make to take him off from puthfhtnent ? Thoughmen would do fo towards their own, yet be bitterand fe- vere towards itrangers a Yet 1 wil not be fo laith God ; Let thofe- thag