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26 The right manner ofdrawing nigh Secondly, That we ought toSanEfifie godf name indrawing nigh tohim. Thirdly, Thrt ifwe do not Sanififie it;, godwill SanEfifie his own Name iip;,2 us. T. That i>> Worfhipping of Clod, there is a drawing nigh to God. Q.Lieff. Why, is not god in everyplace ? c?,rtainly, wecan never be in any place but we are nigh toGod, c*, Rands by us, and looks upon us : It is not only whenyou are til-grihipping of God that you are nigh Him, but when you fin aeainft Him, when thou arc [wearing, prophaning His Name, His Day, God 'landsand looks upon thee, thou arc nigh Him : And is may be faid or written upon every place, what was faidof the City, in the laft words of the Prophefie of E/ek: 48.35. The name ofthe City war Jehovah Shamma, that is, The Lord is there, the Lord Jehovah He is there, He is prefenc in this place : Oh that you would remember when you are in any place, that the Name of the place is Jehovah Shamma, The Lord is there, Inhimwe live, we move, andhave our being, therefore weare alwaies nigh him : yea, but though we are alwaies nigh God in regard of that effential prefence of his, yet there is a more peculiar and fpecial drawing nigh to God in the Duties of his Worfhip, and that the Scripture feems to hold forth untoyou. Firif Pie [hew you how the Scripture holds it forth, and then in what refpe± the Creature may be faid to draw nigh to God in holy Duties of Worfhip ; for fo it was here, they werecoming to offer Incenfe. I. That we do draw nigh to God inholy Duties, feeJam. 4.8. Vraro nigh to god ( fo that you may be neerer God than you were) :lin is, by holy fervices and holy duties ; and hence it is in Tfal. 95.2. Let us come before hisprefence with thanksgiving; fo that there is a more peculiar coming before Gods prefence when wecome to worfhiphim than at other cimes:And ver.6. 0 come let ivs worfhi p and bowdown,let us kneel before the Lordour maker. So in Pfal. 100.2. Let us come before hisprefence with finging,for that's one part of the WorthipofGoc113ut the Scripture is plain, that there is a fpecial coming before God when we are coming CO