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0 The right manner' ofdraunng ntgh fafes them to drawnigh untoHim, they are fuch as are precious and honorable in his eyes. . I will not enlarge my felf in this l onl give you threeScriptures that thew the great honor and relpe that Godputs upon thofe that he cloth admit to come and war- Zip him. The firft Scripture is in Deut. 4. i 7. There'll/Wes fpeaking of the peopleof Ifrael, and the great refpett that God thewed to thern!more than others ; for faith he, What Nation is there fo great, whobath i3odfo nigh unto them, as the Lord our god rr in all doings that we call upon him for ? What Nation is there fo great as youare ? (Sogreat I ) Howdoth it appear that the Na- non of Ifrael is a greater Nation than any other Nations are ? How ? Thatbathgod fonighunto them inal things that they cal upon himfor : herein any man or woman, or Nation, may be faid tobegreat, that is, greatly honored by the God, in that they have theLordnigh unto them, and they arenigh unto him; het's the greatnefs ofa Nation : Youwould think that if one would defcribe the greatnefs of a Nation, it fhould be in their great Wealth, their great Trading and Traffick that they have, and the Fertile place that they live in : No, this is not thegreatnefsof a Nation, But whatNation is there fogreat, that bath the Lord hodfonigh to them? There's the greatnefs of a Nation : and fo a ipiritual heart would account greatnefs toconfift in having God to be nigh unto it. Thefecond Scripture is in Numb. 16. 9. There we have '1110- fes fpeaking unto the tons ofgtorab, rebuking them for their fin, and he brings this aggravation to themof thegreatnefs ofrheir fin, faith he, Seemeth it but afmat thing untoyou, that the Clod ofIf- rael bath feparatedyoufrom theCongregation of Ifrael to bring you neer to himfelf? That is, That you shouldcome to worthip him, Is this a fmal thing to you ? Is not this Honor enough 1 As ifc1140fes fhouldhave faid, VVhy do you contend for any more Honor, the Lord hath feparated you, tobring youneer to him-, felf. OW& Thisyou railray wasfpokento the Priefli. dinftv. But it may be laid of every gracious foul, for every Beleever Chrift bathmade a King, Prieft, and Prophet unto ,Illifelf; nowdiem is noWeever, but Jefus Chrift hath fepa- raced