Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

f o pI e_al vv or 0 &, TheRight Manner of Sandifying the Name ofGodin General. And Particularly in thefe Three great Ordinances : 1. 'Hearing of the IP0 (AV, Viz. 2. glecei,ving the Lords Sq.)(PCPSA. 3. cr (11.A Eqt. By JBREMIA.1-1-BURROUGAS. p: Sting the Second of the Seven Volumns, lately publiihed by Thomas Goodwin,t !Pillion Bridge Greexhil, John rates, Sydrech Sympfox, Philip Nye, William Adder. CO I. B. . I 6. LONVOW: Printed by Teter Cole , Printer and Book-Seller, at the sign of the (Printing-pre in Corn-bill, neer the Royall Exchange. 1 6 5 8.