Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god inWmChip. required of them as of others, for they are in a conftant fitnefs, fo that there is no hilt ant of time in the whol day, but if God calls them to prayer,they could prefently fall down upon their knees and pray fo as to Sanaify Gods Name in prayer, that were an excellent temper indeed if you could find it fo,t hat you walk fo fpiritually andholily before God as there could be ne- ver a quarter ofan home from morning to night, nor from the beginning of the week to the end, but if you were called topray, or to receive the Sacrement,you had your heart fitted, that you couldcome into Gods pretence with a prepared heart, and were able to fanaify Gods Name in the duty. Acquaint your (elves with this work of Preparation, and foyou may have hearts fit- ted to come intoGods prefenceat any time. 14.444447.42444,....***474444.44-44.i. 441.44.0414.......+44+44.4.414.44,44.4160.0 SERMON III Leviticus . ro. 3 I tvill be Sala ified in them that come nighme. 44I+4+ EE proceed now to what remains. Thereare on ly for the perfeaing of this Point twoCafes of -44 -tx7 = 7: - Confcience to be r efolved : And then we are to V v 411.4. proceed ro other things. 464494+11 The Firft is, Whether we ought at all times 4+++.4"ry to fec apart, fume time for preparation to every duty of Gods Worfhip? Secondly, Suppofe we do not find our hearts prepared as we do defire ; Whether it were better to leave of theduty thanper- form it For the Firft ofthefe, Vii. Whether weare alwaies bound to fet Come timeapart for preparation to the duty that we are to perform. The anfwer to that is this ; We mutt diflinguith of perfons ; There are force that are exercifed in the way of Godlinefs, and dokeep their hearts dote with God in the ,waits of holinefs ; row for them it may be fuppofed that through their exercile iat the-