Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

rcallow 52 The right manner ofdrawingnigh Thoughts as this, that they are not prepared : And the truth is, they are more glad to let the duty fall, than they are forty for want of the prereration of their hearts for the duty. I heleech you confider ofl teis, whether you have not found it fo, that fornetimes when you have not been fit to perform a holy duty, therehath not been a more fecret willingnefs of the heart to lec the duty go, than a forrowof the heart becaufe youare not fit for theduty. This is a very evil fign that the heart is very much diftempered. Thote that are godly indeed when they find not their hearts prepar'd for the duty, it is the troubleoftheir fouls, it is that whichgoes neer their hearts, when they think with themfelves that they are now like to lofe a duty of the Worfhip ofGod, they are now like to lofe their communion with God in a holy duty, they even look upon themfelves in an evil cafe in regard ofth is ; and it makes them watchful for time to come to rake heed of thofe things that have put them in fuch an unpre- potation as they find their hearts to be in at this time : Now ific be fbwith thee, it is a good fign that thy heart may be uprighc withGod though through infirmity it comes at fuch a time to be unprepared for the duty. But yet fuppofe I find lam not prepared, Iamgriev'dand troubled at it,(for that muff be premifed) whether were I bet- ter to leave the duty for this time than to fall upon it in fuch an unpreparationas this is Now for theAnfwer to this Queftion. Firfle That which I would anfwer to it is this, The million of a duty, or the laying a duty afide, will never fit the foul for a duty afterwards ; it is no way to make thy foul more fic afterwards, becaufe thouhaft laid it afide now for the prefenc e dobut obferve your own hearts that way, andyou will find this by experience : Such a time you have been bufie in the world, and occafions have kindred you fo as your heart is out of temper and frame for a duty, you lay it afide; now are youmore fit the next day 1 ifyoudo neglett duty in the mov- ing upon any bufinefs, are you fitter to perform duty at night becaufeof it ? you will, not find it to be fo : The forbearing a dutynow,will notmake the foul Fitter for a duty afterwards therefore it is novildom to forbear a duty forwantofprep