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Mofes his Selft~deniJl. ' 9J t : c H A p. I V. s J c T. :. Wte mufl deny 4/J •wldly pleaf•rer ~tnd preferments in the very prime 1j '*' time, when 111e hAlve '!!DriN»ity to t»joy them to ttt fol. · TRefecood.d1ing obfervableisthe · time w ben hedid this. Some may tl:imke,- when he refufed all this glory bee might bave had, that fitrelyit was when he knew not what he did, it was when he was achild, in fome r~th fit of hisyouthfullfoHy, when he was ano.. · vice ; before he came to underftand ·himfelfe, it was before: 11eecould· have any experience to know what thefe· brave things were: or if not £9, 1t was then when he began ·to grow old, and to dote, when his .honors and pleafures · began to leave him, and he was weari- ' fd, and difcontenred with them. No fuchmatter,itw2swbenhecame to be of yeares}nota 'childe,and in the ripe- · O~" tfe of his yeares, in his full ftrength, io the prime and choice· of all his time, not in his decrepitage;itwas'then when · . he -