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Mofeshtl Se/fe-deni41l. ment that wee are on Gods fide. _ J).fvidfhewed histruethankfulneff'e, ,. when hee would not offer unto God that whichcofi: him nothi?J~g,but would have t;he te!Hmony ofhis tfiankfulneffe co!Hy to him: lo when the profeffion of religion proves·colHy to us, and yet weconrinueinir, this is a ~ood argu... . ment oftruth. In rimes 0f ~miction eve• .· rie hypocrite ,aHtag and ragge will oe .ready ro come in to God in an outward profeffion; bt:lt ufually this fubmiffion ro ·God at this time is not ouc of truth. Hence that place in the 66.Pf41me 3.v. ·. whereitis (aid, through thegre4tnejftof thy,Powcr jball thy enemies fo6mit fl!lftJ t.bee: in the origin all it is, they Jluzll lye unttJ thee, and fo it is tranflated by .Ari- Mentientur. ~M .M6nt~~tnus, and fome others, noting hereby, that a forc('d · fubmi!Iion to God is feld0n;1e in truth. Secondly, it argues the excelfende of grace, that it raifes and greatens mens fpirit, it lifts them up above the· higbeft Qfalltherethings, andfo high above chem,as the things ofthe ~orld, J when atthehigheft, are looked on as unde.r·tbiogs, and appeare {mall and _' H4 con.-