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' I' Mofes his Se/f-rlen.iaO. · cont~· mptible in the eyes of fuch a rai- ' fed foule: many poore fpirired men are below them:t and looke up to them as great matters, and thinke, oh how happie thou!d they be ,if they could attaine ~o them,they bleffe them who have got up to them, but grace is ofan elevating nature~ and it manifeGs it felfe to bee from on pigh, even from heaven, from the God of heaven, who is iofinidy a• . hove the heavens, and it raifeth the foul c · to' God himfdfe, fo that not onely the things of the earth, bur even heaven it fe lfe would appeare but a poore low mcane ~bing,, peneath the digniry of a foule, made part-aker:of rhe divine nacure,wereir not' that the glorious prefence ofGod were there. · · , As it argues the exceeding greatnelfe ofthe heavens, :that all the earth is but as a point to them, all the huge great moutltaincs, and vaft circumference of the earth is as ~ i:lothirig 'in .comparifon ofthem ': fo\vhenaH rhe honours, delights, · ~\nd riches of the earth, which 2re efieemed fu.ch ·huge and mighry things by rhe men of rhe world, yet to a gracious fpirit>thoug~ enioyed ro the 1 ·· full r