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Mofc:s .his Selft·dtniaJJ. tbers h1u{t A11• tiet~rtft kinred, then the King ddights in her beauty: to prec~nd love to Chrift when the World wtth. drawes fr.om us whatfoever is lovely in it, this is not much, but now to have our love burning after Iefus Chrilt, "hen the wodd proffers to us alher lo1 velints,thisis true Iove.Love is bounti... ful,icis thewn to purpofe,whenitlhews ic fdf able & willing to partwitb much for the beloveds as that love of God 1hould be for ever accounted cltare and pretious , that lhewes mercy to one at that time when hce ismoft wicked, in the he~bt of finne,even tempting God eo dellroy him; fo if when you Qave tbe ftrongdl temptations to draw your hear~sframGod,ycteventhe~youc;an . 1inde your hearts fweetJy working to- · . wards him, -dofing wit~ him, delight.. ing_in him, here is love ,unfajned,_ this;_ is love that God will owne and make much of for ever. As the: Idolatr~us Itwes 1hewed their love to their Idols by plucking off their t4re ripgs, and parting with cbeir Iewtls,and motlpre. tioa.s things they had, for the hon®r oftheir Id,JJ.· {o doe the true worfhippers I09