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Laudantli' atquc pra:di.;. candi qui tlig1l4ti 1t61S {unt etiam cummundo {;Jrente fto, rere:.Aug•. Ep• .f·s.act .Armcnt~Wium. Mofes hil Seife·dtniJI. . , : CHAP. VI-. .I Comfo;~· t1 ll>~ft ~ho In the miJ{i sf t4rthlJ c~ntentmtnts have their ajfof1i- l. DRS ftt 11fD~ ht4Vt11. 1 :n . . HEn,~ethere is m. ~1th comfort,'and encouragcmen~ to thofe whom the Lord .bath railed, ab<'>ve others in outwat~<Crhings, and tog~ther with their e~ares and honour'he haLh gi,ve!l tbem heJrts to returne the glory of ail to him(c:'Ifi,in the midft of all the corn. forts· t.hey .have,yct.their hearts are .above all 'for God, and for the things of heavcp and eternity, Tbefeare ro bee praifcd,tf1.dr honour is to be publilhed, who have rcfufed to 'ffouriili with the flounO~~lg, ~ world.. B~dfed be God, there arc y~t forrie fuch in rhe world, and we _hope the Lora is railing up of more ': blellcd are rhe y of the Lorcf;arid honourable i.n the efieem of the Saints. · Firft, this is a mofi: evident argu~ .ment,that alllhegood things they have · in the world, comes from the fpeciall favour and love of God tO them, and thi~ J