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this ·isnofmallmatter; ~here is mQre · fweetneffe in this knowledge of the principle from w hen~e the good things vvee nav~ to doe come, thc:n io any thin~ thac they afford of themfdves. Theqitference of /Jt~hs bleffing from I EjaN's ~~ obfervJble, Ge.t~. 2 7 2.8. there 1 is /~~Co~.r, , qotf give th,ee the Jew ()f.hea. _ ven, 4nt(th.~f~f'lt/R of:the e~rth; Ef411s blcffing is v. ~9·~,wber-e the.dt:w of hea'!. venand the f~tndfeofrheearch is likewife given t~hlm, hHt ~he.r~ference it hath to God is lef~ o~t, ~c i§ nQ~ there, i' God give tl;,ee. .. ~·- · , : ' Ac.arnall heart tares nor, fo he m~y have the thing itfelfe, he does riot Io~k ·fO t.he princip~~ from whence itco~es~ but the chicfe fweet to ~ 1 'gr.lciqus heart is rhat he c~o 'fte Go.i>the love and mercy of~odinallthe bleffings he en. · joyes. Now thereisnq fu~h argum.ent · as this to demonirate Gods ·love in them; outwftrd things' ~re ;no cerraine argum~nts of tbe love of G()d: wic- : ked men, the obietis of Gods · Qat red , , - -r.1ay htve them as vvel12s the gGdJy, · but outward bleffings with a heart to giye God the grory of them, do~ al. I 3 r waies~~· l ------..