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Mofes .his Setfe-denid!l. ·waiescomefrom Gods love in Chrill. · God doe's often times give the fame t~ing to one out of fpe'dall favour io .· ·Chrift; to another out of a generall bounty, that God hath rai{ed you apove or.ners; tliis is a mercy; ·but that be hatbg~ven you this grace, in th1s bee bat~~r3,.ifed you i'ndee·d, this me ,·cy is of an qig~ef p,ature, t~e other thing~ ate c:1 lled the goods oEforrune, bu.t rhi~ is ~ thr f~ui~ o~ f'.. o~$ etc:rnall lov~ in }:{us 1 Chnfi:; tl)1s ts a' mercy . p~cuhar to.the chofen.t,fthe L'ord. ' · " . · ·' · Secondly;, ' this i~. an evident figne that Go9 inrends t~hufe you in excellent fer~)~fs; for the: honour of his name : a.sSaul colle~ed .frow rbc:- f.p.i'rit of av "dwhenhefawhow ewasabie !Q_~~~y h}lJlie eTtlfo ta)dog th~i:ad· vantagell~ha othlm,:when he;'!light have ~ad ~is will upon him to the full : ~lejfedfet~Qu 'liJy. fimne Dayid, faie~ ~aMI, thou [halt ~oth doe. great _things, ~nd j/;1t~lt · 4lfofliUpKeJJaf/e,'t Sa~.26.25 .So wheri .aman'tn·ay have his ·will to the fu-ll ::'fog yet can·q~ny himfdfe;; it is·a f~.g!l€that . ~O? in~c~d$ to ufe felt: denying fp. jri~s ~~ trt h~s fer,ytce, . n~ne ~p them; and thtsj ' \ · ' .. · · · ·· · · felfe· '/".• _ __.........-.------~~--· __..,.------ I