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Mofes hil Stlf-aenitt!l. moft miferable firaights, in fpight 0f ourhearrs,and that by t:he wrath ofGod him felt~ 0 h how o-ri~vou.s acondition is rha,t,.robs;fo~~edQ.y t,h,e Wlath ofG-9d eo ea!t. ~ith that yv~i~h _ we might have p~r!e~ w1tbal upon{ucg f weetand honourabl,e te_rms,il! tbe caufe of god,intefiimony to his rruth,in his fervk~ & tf1e cxpre(Iions ofou~ ·ifeareft !Pyeumohim. And ho~Jfoever it is not long that you can poffi.bly hold this profptrity, that · . D(})W you do enjoy: Suppofe the fairefi , that Gt>d !hould let -things go on in an ordinary courfe of bounty and patience, within alittle ·while, all the c\ 'm :-ons of the world vdll leave you, and you mull: lea\. e them, and what if you· did for the caufe of. God pa:/t with them a yec re ortwo foon.er tben otherwife you fhould~ l·whatgrcat matteris this!wh1t is a yeere i ort'~~>,orcenyecr( sc:njoy.m~nr of thtm ; th(:re ts no fuch excdlcncte 1n them, as ) that ~few yeares enjoyment of chc:m 'j lh culd b~ prized at any fuch high rate. Ate there not Argu-nents enough 1 from all Gods love and his merciful! ! dealings with you .to prevail wich your · 1 beans tor fuch a thing as this? how hath ~ l God fpJrcd you in your greatdl" ~~trr- . . t ~ ltlC:S? .- --· ...,.,.,_~ .. . ~~":""' ------