Burroughs - HP BS2775 B87 1649

M ofes hiJ S elfe-atnJA!l "~ 3 mities? when you have c r~ed uqtfi him, . he hath _beenc mercifull.rtr,yol:l, qe bath watched over you , for goo~· all your daies,he bath don gn·at th,i.for.you; · oh what in-finite reafon is t,here then; that he fhould have the hQnoufofyour chiefdt delights and greateft profperitie?bow nften ~to gratifiethe t1dh, have many opportunid~ s of fpirituall good beene negl(ded? why then fhould not n~w, for rhe hoGo JrofGod, fomeop.. portuniti :- s ror fldhly dd ghtsbeden_y- \ ed! God never gavt you thefe things · upon ar1y other te.rmes, bur that you f}loll!d be willing to part with tlYm,for . rbe honour of his name, when hrcalfeth for them :. SJ cld ne vet made you owners, b~.t new!rrsJs· of th~m for his fervice; and· if--.evei(yoJt ~ere brought to Chrifi:, ituo c~qycntrnt ~with G'od in him, you di~rthen ~. r fig ne up all unto him, you pro~effed~c) .p;,nt with all for him, you fold ail for rh pear le; th . tis, you were willing to part \Vith 1:vhat was finfull for the prdenc, and as it were en... ter into bqnd, to give ~ up whatfoeve r you 'vere or h.ld to the Lord, when it J f.hou1d beea lied for? objeff. . But may we not take the comfort 'o f K ~ thofe