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Mofeshi4 Selft-dt~:~ia/1. trufi him with all, and toeo mm it aJ; unro him to ~ f' ve r. Now t hisimpli~s the ' raking off the he <• rt from th~ rhwgs of the world, fnr faith takc:s off rhe heart from its telf,thercfo:·e much more from any thing in the worl .J ; and where this is, fufferint:s can no ~ be 'ery grievous, bccaofe the whole good of the fpule is now in God, Pfat. 31· 7 Refl in the Lord, andwaitt p~ttiently-,whetc the foule pitch- .es upon G·)d, as there.fl~ and the a'-fufficienrgood ofit, it will waitepatiently, whatfoever hard thing befales ir. Secondly,hy foitbthe fo.ulecomes to have abighcr principle to enable i ~ eo fee God in his glory and majdt:y, his great. nelfe, and infini teneffe, his holindfe, h:s jufiice, and goodn{ ffe, then ever it hJd before. It is true th~l by the ufe oftta- {On we may come to underfiand much . ofGod,burcertainiyfoithpr~fen · sGod to the foule after anmher 1nanner then I evn· it formfrly faw Hm, or then any other mancanfee-him5umillf4it~comes 1 into the foule, it mJy well fay 1t never / knew God, b~t now ic fees him infinite· i ly g!o~.i~Lll nrd hi~h above all; 1 Ir fec5 1 the mnmtc fount,Hne of all good, and , ·. . . what i - ·------·-- -·- .. ··-·-· ···- -:- ----~-""- I