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Mofes hil Selfe-dt11i11d. 141 what an infinite dreadfu11 thing it \V ere to be !eperated from this God, or to · have the wrath of fuch an infinite Diety to be provoked againft his creature.We kno ·vV _by rea pm t : that the world was made by God: but Saint Paul faith in the third verfe of thischaprer, th~t l)y foith we undedland that\ the world wlf4 maJe ,: fo that the fame thing may be knowne by rea[o11, ;and by faith roo, but foithbdng a higher principle,.difco·vcrs . it to the foule in a higher way then rea- ' foTJcan. , · - · Itis madeoneofthe fpcciall fruits of Mo{esfaith1thatenabled him to endure in· all his fyfferiogs,in the 2 7 .v .of this chapter. that he {~&whim wh~ was invi(tble (of r which hereafter.) onel y obferve for the prefcnt,that God is invilible to any eye, but to the eye ofF aith;· now where God is feene fo, as Faith prcfents him to the foule, tis impoffible but the feare of fuch • a Deity mutt needs takemighty imp~effion in that foule ; ·and all the glory of the world muft ncedes be darkn~d to it s and ~he leaO; difpleafure of the great God more troubled at, then all the miferies th.at'lll<;reat~r.cs under Heauen are \ ' • 1. ,. able