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curd y, prefumptuoufi y, hard~ heancdly ~ joyfully, in a finfull and dangerous way,and is this F aitbtt~ is this the precious F:1 ith rha·r wiH fave a Soule c:· ifhat which th•m calldt F.-ith, does nor give th t'e ftr('ng~hto rdi :t any fiight temptatio~t; thou ca .1 fi: not deny acom'panion, rboucanll not venture tht lolfe of any thing, (hou canft not endure a rrpr~acbfulf word for Chrift, and is this Faith l Gocd Lord, what do we make efFaith, if this beFairh? Truely ,if Faith had nothiog elL in it,tllen the Faith of the moll harn, I would even Jail to, the Vertucs of Moralitie, for it were farre beneath the meanefi: of them all. - . Dare you venturcyourfoulesande- .ternJileftates upon this Fairh? Certain- :I y, it were exceeding boldnelfe and de- .· fperateneffe fo to doe. What if God . · lbould fet "ll thy finQes in order before thee, in the moll hideous and fearful nature ofchem, in the true deformitie ani vilenes of chem ? What if thou ilioudft fee God in his infinite Glory, tvtajeftie; Holineffe,and Iuftice? If he fuould lhew thee how thou haft wronged aUhis At· tri~utes,how thouhafiftruckat h1svery Being , .. '-,