Burroughs - HP BS2775 B87 1649

186 .: Mofcs hiJ Stlf~-oJtnit~ti • .Bti,Jg how thou ball: beene an enemie to· . him all thy life, rdifting and oppofing of him in aU thy waies, darkened his _Glory\; contemned, £lighted -him, and Rt up the creature, yea, thy luft before him; this I dare charge every Soule as guiltie of, in fome degree or other. Suppofe thou faweft all the &riaturtJ abufed by thee, pleading againft ~ thee, and all Gods 0 rdinances.prophaned , and all thy time mif.fpc:nt, and the bloud .ot Chrifi crying out againft thee. Suppofe thou faweft tbe L~tw, full of the .brightheife ofthe.hol inetfe, arrd .juftice 1 ofGod, which thou haft broken. Sup- ! pofethou faweft the rigour, ftrictnefie, and feverity of it,- binding the over toe- .ternall death for every breach, ·and putting thee under an eternall Curfe for c- ' very offence. Suppofe Conftience 'Yere let our upon thee, and ·had commiffion toaccufethee tothefull, to flycin thy face for all tny abufes of it. Suppofe SAtAn were let out to plead againft thee, inje~ difmall hideous terrours into thy . · ~ fpirit. Suppofe now all creatures were ready to leave thee, to take their ever- ~ lafiing farewell of thee;_ and now the . ipfi..