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rvt ofes hu s e.lft-deni4!i of God up~n hypocrites,a~d thofe that arecarna!l and naught,tobeallumbling block ,to th .-' rn, at which they lhou1d fall, and break themfdves., and never , rifeag:Jir·e: Now., tfyou £hould ftum• hie too at rhis fiumbliryg-bl6ck_,ir ~ere an illfigne, and a heavie judgtment·qf God agaiofl: you~ Therefore take, heed, that ,it prevailes not too farre ,widi yo~. . . 19J·. · .Sixtly, howdoyouknow, bott~at · thefe men, in the midfi: ot all their pro- 6 • fc.ffion, had f ~me f•'cret fin m 'i ~ai . ted in their bofomes, fome fecret Lilt that lay next their h ·aru '! And it fo , no ·~. marvell though a~l rhe feemiog good ·!y they had, vani tb and come to rtothing, _ .: in the timr of tryall · ~ ... L ~ fi:ly, t !'e more glorious ,they were, \ and fa il"d , and t!•emore wedk and con-~ · 7•. temptible, eiher in your own eyes·, or · in th ~ eyes of others, you are, the grea· .t teri$ the m::- rcy of God towards you, .· _if he gives you a heJrt to hold our, and the gr~ater honour wi.l it be for you, · both bf'fore God and men; ToN {hall be brqught againfi: them , in d.le Day ~f~ Judgement)to condemn thenJ. . N 4 CHAP. l 'l ·r j