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CH~P. XIII. The aifferen~F, between the heat of me.~u ~I'P." Refotuti~ns , ttnd the true heat of th.4 ~t4fF~1 Fll#~, · ir; fo(eri;ag {Br Cbrift. . ' IF·Faith be the Principle tq~t carrit~ $. thro~~h fuffer~ ngs, then let q1en tJ ke heed, that th~y trufi nor to rhdr own ~efol~tiQns ; as if, b ~ ~aufe nQw they would fqffer any thing, let t'Qen doe what they c~q again et thenr, therefore , the}dhallbeaplece, go~ through: Ma~ ny pave deceived themfelvts in this. The difference berwe: n c he heat of ·mens Rcfulutions ~ and the true he :it of the lJeart by F.lith , is like the difference o£ the hear of the Fowle brcep ng over her.eggs, and the hear offire; tHe o ·: e is a ~ cat , cf ]ife conyeying life, but not rhe other; FJith . warms the heart,· fo as it conv :>ys lrfc, . ' but not fo our own Refo 'ut ions. W e ' have had tnany fad experiences of the Lifceffe of mensh·ans, from tim '~· ro time ,:rn this p~rti' ular, v.·ho befo're the · 1 trya~i have beep V' ry corfid<nt and re... folutc, yet they have molr !hametully . • , , , , _ , I f~ilc d ..,.._----~...,._._~, ------- ----,- ·--~-·