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I I I ,. I \ ,· \ I } 6 Mofeshi.s Selfe.. deniall. and that this his daughter Thermuthis had no childe, and therefore having found Mofes, !bee fc:t her heart upon him, and feintd her felfe to bee with child, and kept Mofes hid, untill fuch a - timt as it might bee: thought ro bee her ownechild., to that end, that he might inherit her fathers crowne. And further hte tells us, that this daughter or Pharaoh was much beloyed of herfather,and that,in refpe~ho her, he loved Mofes alfo, which apveares in this relation that he hath. He faith that when Mg{es was a little one, Pharaohs Jaughttr brought him to her father, and put him into his armes,and he, to gratifie his daughter, tooke offhis owne di- ,adt"m,and fer it upon Mofes head. There wer\: likewife divers prognoftications that Mofes fuould hereafcer doe great things•. :Jo(ephus faith~ that .Amr11m ,Mo- (es his far her, had a fpeciall revelation conce-rningthis childe, that he fuoulJ be dt livered from the danger of being flaine, and that he fuould be a deliverc:r of his people. He tells qs 'likewife,tbat when Pharaoh put his diadem upon his head) he though but a little child,took it