Burroughs - HP BS2775 B87 1649

M ofes his Selft-JeniAU. 7 it off, and fl:am pt it under his feete; · whereupon fome of his Magicians . would have had him put to death, faying that it was a. figr:e, that this childe ' in time would ca!t downe Ph~raohs Crowne. And one G~alrn'~~R a latter writer~ wri- Gualmin de J vit4 Mofis. ring of ~he life or Mofu, bath this re- p.I.z.xo.u , lat ion ; thac \vhen Mofes WJs three 1 yeares old, PharatJh mad .:: a great feaft, and his ~eene holdill~ hin1 by tht · right hand , and . his ·daughter together with Mofes by the left, his Nobles being bid to fit before him, Mofls before them all tooke Pharaghs Crowne from I1is head" and fecit upon his own, whereupon all being amazeq, on_e Balaam a Magician, put Pharaoh in minde of a dreame hee had had , which was this : 7 here flood before him'an ~ld man, / /;Jtt:ving tt pairc of(cales in his hand, and in _one 1{ the ~ales there appe~tred to him / I • • M if'a/J v£gypt, the children and wqmeii had heene in it, in the ~ther [cale hee jaw I ·Dnly one chtlde, which donme-w_eighed the 1 - whole Kingdom,and 11/l thatwt14 in the other ; {cAlt. This is Mofes >whofefoith) whofe I ftlfdc1Jiall isfetdown unto us thus glo- \· B 4 rious ~