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.2 4 ··rs .. Moles hu Selft-tleNiAU• --- Church, he being fenGble ofit, and.abot:Jt to make·his complaint to God of . it, yet lie begi_ns ~ith t;aifi~g his and 1he ·G.hurches Fanh,·mthe 1nercv and fai:h--· fulndfe, agd power of God', bdore·he ~will make any mention of the1rca la!r..i- · ties~ he dr~th noc begin to m:' ke his moane fnt the .miferies of r.he Church • till the thil ty eight'verfc.-, but all before· is nothing but Arguments to rai[e ~-i nd ftrengthen Faith, and to puttt atfanh in the exercife of it• . ~T'}1 us M e(es; P fat. 9c,-be~t1 ~. abou r tO' .cctnplain of the miferies of Gods people,that ther ,were confumed by his anger, and troubl··d by hi s wrach, yer be-· gins with the ackno ~tdgingof G, ds goodneHe, with Argumentito fir ng- , then Faith. Lord thou haft b~en- our dw•'t-· ling plr.ce, in aO generaticns f 1am tvet~ lajfi,ng tfJ ever/Mjlmg, thou ~r t G'6d. . , . Andtbu :- David, Pfol. 37· t •befo r~ he. 1 beginnes·.his complaint, he l~ies down' ~ thi···c0ncl ufion : 7rt~rl"' God u ge{)d tll tf : ratl, evett to fttch dJ art of acleane beatt.- . - F I .·'fl IS. i .