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Mofes kis Selje-deNillll. 13 wards you to make you conquerours over your~nemies, ,togive t~e.ir coun.. tries into your poficffion, .th~s lS an honour put upon you, but It 15 no other favour,no higher honour, then wicked 1prophane Efim bath had .before you, therefore you have no greatcaufe robe puffed uo with ir_._ That which the Lord 1 faith here of conqudt, is true of parentage,of riches, of honour, of all outward ex.:ellencies, they are indeed favours ofthe Lord, but no fuch excellent things, but that they have been mlde common to the enemies of the . Lord; and theret<ne there is great reafon rhat our heal,ts lhould not be puffed up with them, but fit loofe from I them. Second! y ,there is no fuch great mat- Ru(. 2• . ta in it, btcaufe the birth of the grea- • 1 tdt is ddiled with finne, in the guilt : and uncleaor,tff~ of it, as well as rhe birth of the meanefi : the moll: noble blo~d upon. earth is tainted with high trea!on aga1nfi: the God of Heaven : wnatfoevcr your birth bee from men yet you are borne achildof wrath) ar~ enemy to God, lvathD~me and abominalle · -