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nable before him, an heire of hell. When God would humble the !ewes who gloried much in their birth, hee . iliewes them the unclcat~ntj[e, the ba(e- . ])eptt'ttntt- .I?. •~"I · '- .1?: B 1_. l I busiUuve- Ht.J,eo 1 1 t,tn tn4t exprtpton, \!~rte 16. ni11,qui ante J~~r jMhtr is All .Amorite, ~nd JOUr mtJ- I me fecerunt tber ttn Hittite. I come of thofe parents damnttum, • . ' qttamnatum. fa1es Bernt~rd,by whom I was adamned Bern.inMe- creature before I was born: your birth dzt.,ap.,.. is fuch, .what ever it bee: in regard of outward f2reatndfe, as if there be not a fecood birth, it had been better for you that you had never been born, or rather that.you had been of the generation of D(agons, or the off-fpriflg of Vipers. Rea(. 3 • Thirdly, fuppofe it were not ddiled, yet it is an exceeding poore a'nd meane thing in the eyes of God : it may bee fomething before men, but before God it is nothing, for God is no TantU! refpeder ofperfons :fo much a man is quifque eft, worth,' as he is worth in Gods efteem: .quantus ejt ~tpud veum. when y O!J come to appeare before God, you muft ftand amongft the refi without any note of diftin6tion of Melchior A- what houfe you came. That which daminvita Pelican aGerman Divine faid concern- ~~ . . mg