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IS ing his learning, may be faid .ofQU honour ofbirth. When I appearhefore God, faks he, I fuall not appeare as a Doctor, but as :an ordinary chriftian: ·. fo you fhall not appeare as ooble men :!f;:!~ when you come before God, but as O• efttnihilalither ordinary mbn. I prayte.ll me,faies ud cen~ . Chryfofiome, what is kindred ~ it is no- ;:::.-ue;,bi thing but the found ofa word, an em.. Mnnire i~ pty thing, which ig the Jaft-da.y yau f:=:;;,:'l fuall know very well. That ~ is obfer.. ille ditprob~ vable which we have, Exotl, 30. 15. (cietk.Cht-J[o when God requires a pricef:\lr.the ran- inMttt.l~. !ome of the foules of his people~ all H~l'n·S9· 1 mufi give halfe a ihekell, the rich 4ball 1 not give more, and thepoorefuall not I , give ldfe :when they ·gi. v.e an offering ~ to the Lord, tomakean atonement for · ~ 1 their foules, God doth not value.xhe . I rich more then the poore,nor the noble. . ore then the man ofmean · ,. Fourdll y, it is not much in the eJ.Reeme of men neither, who are wife, ' ~nd rationall : hence it is obfervcd by I o~e, ~ that wee never reade of any in fcnpture but three, who folemnized their birth dayes, and they were Pht~ ... raoh, Jer~boam, and Herod, by which they ----~=-~----~--------~-----~--