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Mote~ ht6 Sttfe-dtny!J!l. twcmy Elders fdl downc before hjm who fate upon the rhrone, and \vorfhipped him that livech for ever; and ca!t ' their crown-ts before the throne, faying, l hotf Artwo~thy, 0 L6rd, tl reC(i'VC glo17, 4nd hon~~tr, aN.d power, &c. Such wfinite d1ftance there is betwixt rh~ excdltncy' and greatneffe of the L'lrd, and all the nohles of the world, th:H it is a wonderfull favour of Gocl t9 them, that ifbe doe but appeare td rhcm, they may livebdorehim;it is rheir honour that thc·ir lives may bee prdervcd when Gcd makes lcnowne bis glory, as Exod. 24.Hl, r.t • .AnJ the1 {nvt he God of lfr4el &c. and up1n the noble's tifthe t:hJtdrtn of I{r~tel h~ lt~id not hiJ ha~Jd1 that is, (0 ddhoy them, but they \Vrre {uff:rcd ro live in his fight. , Thirdly, as God i,s wonhy in regard of his infinite excellency, fg it is due to h·m;bttaufe whatf oever excellency and honour th,ere is in the nobility ·of your birth, * it is he that bath made the difference between mea : the rainebdw is but a common vapour, it is the funile that gilds it, that enamels ic with fo many colours ; wee are but c~ a 19 . j. "Louge za::. tiq; iilat~tt4, eft magnifi~ tentia veftri. (upra terram; fed audite confitium, ftudett quod invobk eft lia11c gloria.t~Z . dd iUum re-- f"reaqu~ eft, fl no11 vultii eam perdue, aut certeperdi a.b ,e4. Ber. Epift.1o7.,. --------~--~----------~~~--~- ~