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I ' · a vapour, it is the Lord that bath fhined opon us and our fathers houfe, and bath put more beauty, more luRre upon us, then upon other vapours. I may fay in this rdpeCl, as Saint PAt~l fai th inanother cafe; who makes thee to dif· fer r was not the lump ofall mankind in the hand of the Lord , as the clay in · the hand of the potter, to make one to this outward honour, and another to ·mt:anndfe and bafeneffe as he plea- · fdh: bee might have foordered things, as wee might have beerte, not one1 y ofthe moft beggcrly, and miferablc broo'd ,but might havc bc(n begotten a toade, or a {erptnt, or any other the . vileR: _creature that liveth upon tbe earth: that honour we have, God hath put uponus,aQd therefore it is his, the · glory of it is infinitely due unto him. Fourthly, there is no fuch way to addeg1ory to your nobility, as to bee w1lling to ufe it or deny it for God. This proceeds from a noble principle indeed, wherefoever it is. ltisnature that caufes the one' kinde of nobility~ ,butit is the grace ofGod, a fparkle of the divine nature, a ray of the w:ry glor~ .