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I of Gvd~they would not looke at ~hat nature bath advancc:d them· unto; But wherein it is that they are begotten a. gaine by the almighty worke of the grac\! ofGod, by that heavenly pr_inci- · ple, the fparkle of ·that divine nature that is put into them ! That in tile caufe . of God it were w itA them,as it i$ (aid of Levi, he mufl:not know fother8rtrJ'Jtber. Wemufl:notfay as thof\.: Jewes, M&t.. · 3·9· We h"ve AbrAham tll¥rfather, wee are borne of noble parents; but as :John to them,fo I fay to you,bringforthfruit, or dfe the axeis /~id tithe root oft he tree: ftand not to much upon the blood wee · have,asuponrhegoodwedoe. Ifwe would glory in our parentage, efpeci - ally glory in our ancdl:ors., who have , be~n godl v , who have made themfdves noble indcede by the worthy . things they have done for God and his · people; and let ir bee our honour, ro continue th1s honol!lr to our family, ra. therrefolve ro lofe our life~ then to let this honour of our family die in us; that ir rnay 'not be faid, how did Reli- . . gion flouriili in iuch a nobh· ~amiiy, for · rwo or three or more fucceJiions ~ but · ,, now