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Mofes his Stlft· dtnialt. r.dfe of youf binh with the 6lthines · of fi . inrie: It was a fpeech'·ofThtodori&k J ~u f4ci- . · h d · £1 h' r. f · d untfortles a.: ~ Kmg; W a~ oes u t 1DC:1S o )nm nimorumin _doe in fplend,or qf noble birth: what 1 fPt~ndor~nabel)tfitis it for a river to come from a fi1~m;' caF clearfpring,ifitbemuddyt ye are the . ~~ .. '4'var. children ot nobles,and therefore,honorable; fo were the children of Jfi··el,but God re~areied not their binfi, when their lives were wicked: he !peaks this r in diihonour ofth~m,Amos 9·7•areye not ~ childrtn o}-Ethiopi41i unto me, o chit. aren of I{r~tel ? yVhat ! children of 1{- rael to be as the children of Ethiopians~ what adc:bafernent is this? you are nt>- ble;be not as the children of the viJeft -of theeanh before the Lord and his people; lay not a foundation .of dif- ;honour to your pofi~riry, Ifai. 14 .~ .2o. The fled ofthe wickeJ fo.~u not be ret~owned; they · fhall not be noble,for it is the famc·w·ordthar,Nn0*.x.I6. is ufedfor ) nobility: · · God forbid that ·any ofyoq fuould have a t)lought that die fervice ofl:G\Jd lhould be a difgr~~e un~to ou~· .. th~tt"it thould be too ~ow .a th · · . you, . itlh9uld becoun.teda ·