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Mofcs hi$ Selft ·deniAfl. they receiyed . the wor~ with all read!- ndie of mindc, and fe~rched rhe Scriptures after they had he.1rd PAut preach, to examine what had been del. \fcrd to them :After ofw~ttl,,Ki ng of North•m- ' ~erlanJ, was convened by otl~ .Aidan a Bifhop, it is reported ofhim, that he difdained not to preachand expnund to his fubjeets and Nobles in the EngJifh I tongue, that which .Aidan preached to tbeSax1ns in the Scottifh tongue. It frill re~ains the glory and re.. nown of that y~ung truly noble Lord Harringtrm in the blelfed memory of him , th ~thew-Js fodiligentand focon... , fiant in tho{e duties of rdigicn which nowarcaccounted fo mean and low by many great Qnes.' It is recorded in his life,that he praied not only twlceaday in fecret, but twice with his fervaqts likew~fe in his ch~mber, beftdes the jo~ning ar the appointed. times ~f pray· er mthe family: he m~dttated of three or four fcrmons that he had lately heard every· day~ tvery Lo~ds day morning 1 he would repeat th~ fermons that hee had heard the Lords day before, .and . at ,night thofe he heard that day. Tht re \ I Beda. Rift. l . 3· ' · 3·