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.. I J . Mofes his Se!fo.tienyaU. There is no difproportion b~rweene ·filch exercifes a) thofe, and the dignity of nobility, ifchings bejudgc:d acc ::Jrd.. ing to righteous judgt'mcnr : there is in truth I'io deqial oh he h 1nour of true : noblendfe in thrfe, but bccaufe ·qf the , pervede judgement of the world, there is rieedr: of much felf-deniall to iubmictothem. ~The conclufion of this,point is this : ify~u would be indeed hoooorable,as y~ur famous and religi'0us ancefiors ,have been, be as rhey Wt"re. Religion fa yes to us, as G~d to Eli, 1 S~m. z. jo. them wlio honour mt I w)O: honour. I have . read ofthe Letcedemonians, that fe>r ·the ftirring up of the fpirirs of yong men to noble and heroicall enterprifes,they • ufed to have the Statues in marble or braife of their moft famous worthies f-et' up in their Senate houfe, with this. Epigran1 graveri·in golden ch:uatlers underneath, fi foeritis. ftcut hi: If you ~ill be like thefe, that is ' in vertue and fa~ous actions, eritis fie ut iUi., you fuall · bee like them in glory and · re..: n~wne • .. Thusthememqry of thefuc- . ceediag generations aft6r ~orthy · · ancdl:9rs . \