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anceftors bath lifted them up in their. due hono4or and their defcrv-cd high e: fi:eem, with thi$ Motto upon them, {i 'foeritis {icut hi, erith jic11t iUi: be wee like them in holy ddircs, for , the honour of . religion~~md the good ofourcountrey; and we {hall be now, and i'n the fuccee~ ding generations like them, in a blcffed and glorious memoriallof v.s. Honour likewife, and all pleafures and delights that we enjoy, aretQ bee denyed for Chrifi. It is true, they are the bleffings of God in themfdves: many of Gods fervancs have enjoyed them, and mademuch ufe ofthem for God and his people; as foflp~, Hejler, MordecaJ, obadiah, ~~4, Nehemiah, D4ntel, the Lord depury of C]prns, ACfs I 3· 2. the great LorJ Trta_jllrtrlj' the Q!!_oellt of the EthyDpians, Jfls 8~ 2 7. So it is faidp that he ha~ th~ charge of all her treafure ; and thofe that were ·of C~t(Arshouthold, Philtp44·l~. And fo in after times. Church Hifiories rdate unto us many worthyes of the Lord who 1i ved i~ the Court~ of the greateft perfecuters of Chtiftian religion~ and yet they 'kept , the~r faith . futi~ I I I >, .