Burroughs - HP BS2775 B87 1649

~--~--------------~----~--------·' 49 It ~- faid of f.!i4kim>ifoiah, chap. 2z.v. z4 • ~hey i1nl~ ,~angt~e~ h~~our~f hi~ .fathers houfe upon htm; honour1sbut .an exterriall'additanient, there is. no in- 1.,,., ., . teraall excellency in it. Great teeters ip a word fet out with gai~s, take up more roothe then others~ make a grea: rer ibew in the word then otlolc:r letters; . but-they ad de no more' to rpe fenfe of the word then others doe : fo men enjoying great honors iri the world, they · ~~rry. a greater P?rt with th.em, they make a gre,~te~ ilic:w the,a oth.ers, but the n1en are not rhe better for theme Notwith"andirig all the outward honours of .A.nti~chf4t Epiphanes; yet ·Jfill ~~e Scrip~urecailcs hini a vile perf<?o,a,~ flarJiel chap. i x. ~ i. al~ . thefe . things ~~ea~ee~e~a l1le.-WllenAuguft~U C.ef4r Atznon per~ ~vas nee: re to death, who had heen Em-.. frmJ.m meam . · · · · · inhac mundi per our fiftie y~~res,and)iving iri muc~ fabuta {ati; . glorya~~ p~n1p ,c~rrimandidga~m?lt comodeegif[e all t,h,e known world, yet .~hefl he wa~ J~~e;;;o~~ ~odi~~~e !~v.ta11 that he ha~ enjo_fed.ro plttudite•. ,be but ameere fable; for thus he expre{: $tmon. zn fes hirofelfe to them· that were about · ~tg. ~i~, · ~4~e n~t. ffo~me~~'-~aiJe ,~Hed.m1 /4rtfi~rte11tl]mth11foliteiftheworld ~ · 1 ~ .. . i . E ., 'Bur ______ ......._ ____ ,......_ ________