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50 Mofes his Self.deni411. -~~bfd2 But if there be no reality in honour, · nyed for yet it may be there is fome thing in pleaC4rift. fures, men feele fom,ethtng, ~hey thinkethere is fuch a reality in rh~m, that in comparifon of them, all other excellencies that are ~ fpoken of, are judged by them but meerc imaginations : but · if the e ~ceUencie ofthefe may paife, ac- · cotding to the juagement of the holy . Ghoft, ihhat f~ntence that he bath paffed upon them may ftand, , there is O<:)- thing in thefe neither; which appeares by tht:: comparir.g of two places ot fcriptur~,. In the fixch chap.ofthe Prophd ie of Amos, and the fourth verfe, he · charges the Couniers of riotoufneffe; for it appeares, that though before hec was a heards. m1n,yer now he is a Preaw cher to the Court, .tmos 1· t3. that riotoufneffe which he charges·them with- . all, he exprdfes thus; 7 hey lie "P'" btds · /., . ofivorie, 4nd.l_retch themfilves lljJfJ11 their ;.p crltlches, 4nd eat the lambs out of ihe fl~eke, and calves out if' the mtllfl of'the flail: They would have the bell: of every . thing whatfoever it colt them ; calves in the fmidft of the ftall were the bdt. Thty chAnttd tfJ the fo~twd 'f the 'rliole, ••a . invtllltd