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-~ , M ofes hil S ~lfe-deni41l. 55 mean one in the barren mountains.This Mirat.z eft Hierom notes in his Epiftle upon Paula, i~~·:r ~f/e7he {aics fhe vHited the Sepulchre of1 fionum/ibi lojluu,, and marvelled very mucb, that I monran.t & t~e divider ·oft he poffc~ons. had the 11! 0;:. dctchllly and craggy places for h1mfdf. · And yet furrher know, as there is ·a vanity and emptintt1e ofgood., fo thtre is a rriixrure of much evi!l ; they .are as water in the bottome of pits exceeding muddy; the water is not 1nuch, but .the mud caufes it to be unufefull. If things be fo mixt with trouble and cumberance, thatthe evill of them will .not an- - f\Ver the good expeded in them, we re- . jett rher:n as things unprofitable. You · will deny your felves many times in forty, in a hundred things, to get your mind in fome one, and it may be when you have it, it is not worth the while~ fuch a thing as a true noble generous fpirit would ~aft o,ff with fcorn;you get . ho;u;urs;p!eJ(itres, and rich,cs,btJt confider whether all be not muddy water; whether there b<:- not much evill in the geting,and in theenioyment ofthenl, what fears and fufpitions! what undermine- . ing on another;what difappointments~ ~ i · what