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6o · lvfofes hiJ St/fi·~dmyaH. i ~uiibri,s ;-{trfll1flt. mighty .Potentatesof the world have b{en /udtbriJ fortun~, the very fcorn of " fortune: all the choife things that the world affords, are as water. in broken cifternes, not having any fpring to feed them, and the ~iftt-rne being broken will let ouc all; they are but as a thing without a foundatipn, which cannot ftand long. Thar is obfervable that we bqde in the Epifile to rhe Ht~rews chap. . ~~ i_. 'V 1 o. ft is faid ot Abutham , that ~.~ lie fought tt'itit that h4d 4 fo:lndation: !'&o -·'ting thereby, r,hat all e r he~· citks, though never fo glorious, and by con- . fequ~nceall otherworldly tl:ings,have ill filtndt~titm to uphold :hem. Hence l'lut.tfe ' , flt~t•,ch tells us rhar the ancient nobi-1' . tJut~ft.R.Mn.~ lity,of Rome and Arcadia> were accuilo~ . ' 9:7~· mc;d t~ wea~ moons upon, r~1eir {hoots, I that th~y mtght have ,11 wa1~s the mu- l, tability of their profp~·· icy btfore thc:ir I eyes. I hat which Saint P.1t1l faies of 1 riches, 1 Tim.6.17. is rrue ofall worlLi- )y things; Trnjl not in uNetrtain riches: fo it.ma . be faid .tu!..ll~.ig~£LW . ul onours non u . rranJ ~<;,a~~ ence tt was t 1at So~on, when hee faY{ Crf!fUS. puft up with his gn·at ri- . · · · · fhes;