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go others ? No thinks he, I haTe lefs, and I am to give the Iefs account : So your account in comparifon of the Minifiers and Magifirates will be nothing; you are to give an account of your own fouls, and fo are they; but you are to give.an account !or. your own family ;and fo are they;but you are not to give an account for congregations, and for Towns, and Cities, and . Countries. You think of Princes and Kings, Oh r. what a glorious condition they are in.. But what do you think of a King to give account for all the diforder, and w ic:kednefs iQ a Kjn&do:ne·that he poffibly might have prevented? What abundance of Glory might a Prince bring to God if fo be that he. bent his fov.l and all his thoughts to life up the Name ofGoci in a Kingdom : -now what God Ioofes for want of this, that King, .' Pri_nce, or Govemour be mufi give an account for; it's a fpeech .of Chry{ofto'1Je in ·that.place of the Hebrerrs, where it's faid tha t :inen muft give an account for their Souls, he wonders that any men--in publick place can be faved, becaufe their account is [o - great that they are to give. And I remember I have read a fpcech of Philip that was King of ~p11in, ( though the fiory faith of him, that he had fuch a Natural confcience, that he profefl he .,ould r.ot do ar.y thing againA: his confcience, no not in fe,.. cret for the gaining of the world, yet when this man ~Vas to die) · 0h faith -he, .that I had ne:ver been aKing; Oh rhat .I had liv•d a folitary and ptivate life all my days; then fhould !'have died · a great deal more fecurely, I lhould with m0re confidence have gone before th,e Throne of God to give my account : but here~ the fmit of my Kingdome, that I bad all the glory of it, it bath made-my accountto be bud er to give to God : and thus be CJies out when be was to die. And therefore you that live in private conditions, remember this, if you come into Chrifi's ·School and be'taught this Leffon, you will be quiet in your af- -~i&ions; or · pr.ivate eHare,in regard yoqr account is not fo great as otheu.It'n fpeech I remember I hne met withal in LAtirmrs Sermons that he ~as wont to ufe, :rbar· the IMlf is wore t~Anthe· who/t. That is; when aman is-in a mean condi~ion,he is but half YV·ay towards the height of profperity that ottJerS are in : : yet faith-he, this is more fafe ~hOug~ _it be ·a· m~arer condit!o.n than others) Thofe that anlm a tugh•and ·p?df·perous condition-