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I. - THE RARE J JE ~1 EL 0 F I CHRISTIAN CONTENTMENT. ' ' Wherein is fuewed: ' ~~What C ontentment is. 2.. ~he Holy Art or 8Vyftery of it~ I 3~ Se'Yeral L effons that Chrijl teacheth, _to '1>Vork the Heart to ContentJne.tnt. 4~ The Excellencies of it. )· 'The e--vils of ctJ\durmuring; 6. 7lJe) A3gravation of the ~in o J Murmuring. JJy J E RE M 1A H BU RR 0 U G H S. L 0 N D 0 N: Printed by. 1uhn Strettter, and are to be fold by ~ith4rd Ct:i{wt! at the two Ang~"ls and CroiVn in Littlt• Britain~ I6]o. \

*~************~** ~~*~*~*****~*~*** To the Reader. I Tllis rvorthy M11n, efpecially in his laur timu, 1Ms {t;rrMnded (through God'J blejfing on him) with a tJtry grrat conjlHence (Jf w.hat might give Contentment to a v4t fpirit of his l<.ank and C11/!ing. HI was enrichtd with a large mu•- fure of Abilities and Opportunims in ferving hiJ Lard ( t9 g/9rifie who,, and do much g!Jr;d to othtrs, is the divine part of "mAn gr~ttious ( whi~h he will) tb1 higbeft 11nd r110{f [olid fatisfr.ftion, ~tnd in rnanJ refpe[fs exceeds what ytr{ona/ Communion with Cod, jingly cunjidertd, brin!,J in : } Be(ide.r , he li11eJ ~tnJ died in 4 fu/- mfs gf bonor lfnd eftum with the beft of men, of Saints; n11, the 1urj} of Enemies : Lik.trti[e of E{f~tte, .1nd OM1Mrd Comf~rts ~/thin his Sphert and r.4nk._, 411 wh.ich did Asd might ~tjford Contentment to what was outward in him. ln the mid/f of tht[e, his ftudy w11s tofind out 4 mrm fub/ime w~ty, and hidden Art flf Selffufficiencie , rhan WA_s in the po11er of .1/1 things to CBntribute or teAch ; Such a skill 111 did not only poi{e .1nd com;of~ his Spirit i~t tbtpn[tnt enjoyment •f all, but might fortifi~ And furnifh hiw 11ith provijion for tbt fut!4re 11gainft the t'o{s •f t~ll, in the timu "Rherein man knmvetb what evil will be in the Earth. 7 his il1arft hlJ fir/} Linufhew ht ./bot at. This Art fome Philo{ophers of old }.ruended rhtm{elves Mll{ltrJ of, and to inftruCf others in, tbroug!. the ~t/Jiftance of Natural Aml MorAlEitlllents,.. e/ev~tted to the Ntllloft height their Principles could carry thtr» ; but in tJt~ii'J : The , Chi'!'iff? in this kind being able to pr~duce no mort bf4: ~[HI/en obfhnttcte and obduratem(s of mi,d. The Natural Spmt of a Man, fuling it [tl{ gr~ater than ~tll Cret~turu ,gathering up, a/Qd conf~!id~tin-g its [elf into its [elf is Able ( AJ Solemon fAieJ ) to fuflam 1ts own, and all others infirmities. But that Aut~rcby this AHtbor here pre{ents, is 4 MJ:ftery, -which none of rhefe Frinces of the World know, or the Wifdom of Man teacheth, but the Holy Ghofl teacheth; and which fm, btlt thofe 1h11t 11re perA 2 fea-,

I. t. ( --~------------ ------------------------------- To the Reader. rea, do llttllin; Tuching tht SoN/tO dtn) it [t/f illtO lUAkNt[s, tmptinefs, in lfnd to its }elf, 11nd all thmgs tl/t; llnd thNs dif- {olvtd t& flnitt it (tlf to Htm · -who en/y h~th b!e/JedM[s ~<nd Al· {•Jficiency,wilh -whom njfuciattd,& made intimutt, it melts it [elf into Ill} bi 1 inur ,fts,makjng thnn its own,f!h herb; corm to h.ave 11 il tbatAI-[11fficitncy of the higb God. t ~ be us Stif-f t~fficuncy:& then, WhtJt stAtt can that Sors( bt i n,whann it 1119 n t t-·e ' ontou ? J uing it h11tb G~ J to be t ht chief' ft comf ort in its i.qf timu 4%nd only ~omfort in Its w,,rff. T his, t buttgb j; bt tbt inherit,:;nce of every S aint, i~J tht rit,ht and mie to zt, yet the pr:Jfelfion. and tnjoyment 1[ il, dtpMds upon an impr~vemem of this inherit11nce, and that upon ll s~i lf lihjch is t o {,, ltarneti by exper1ence· and muLh exercifc (as Pan/ fpeaks )l b.1vc learned in whatfoever fhte I am, thtrc:wlth to be Co•Hent. This piece of Learning this f erioHs fpmred M .m irHtr.cd him(~ !/ ir;to, and dtggiPg f o_r it,as Rubies, (as Solomons Schol11r f (J r W1fdom) h•·h fu ~nd it, and hilth hum fonh this JEWEL (a-Tit le g1ven ntlcher b) H imfelf, nvr by Ui the Publi jhtn,to the SuLj eClit {t!f, yet the MateriAls tbem(thm deferving it) out of tht Ro e~ , and ha1 h amjicia!ly •~t it) that thl trmRte R:q; oft his/o glorious a Gr~~ee mi ~ht jhine forth to others. And hert i't cotiJeJ t o be prt[wted, though fu fo rth 111 the richcft Jewel<> an, often f or a while, in ruder Me tals , ;mti/ bargliirud, {,M theu are plactd in Tllbltt s wortNy of them. T he 1n.ly fuu tbis is ordAined for, is1 the precious Tablu s of M tns Rearts, in ~tnd fr om wbicb alone the native /uftre of it )Vi/L be rnadr eln/picmJUs; Reader, buy it, [et and PPear _it there, and it Lhall (as So!ormn [ptaks, Prov. 3. 22, ~c. Be ltfe unto thy Soul, :and Grace unto thy N"eck : Thou {halt not be afraid when thou Jiefl down ; Y ~~,thy fleep {hall be fweet unto thee : for th_e Lord wJll be ~hy confidence. Thomas Goodwin. Sydr~Lh Simpron. William Gr,eenhil. Philip Nye. Wtlliam Bridge. JohnYates. William Adderley..

I I'·' :eO.NTEN.ts r... . .. -. OF J:he enfuing Treatife of Contentment• . ~ Pag. Pag.. S ERM 0 N -1. I To Murmuring . ibid. 2 T• (rmir~g and vexing ib. THe 'TiorJs O£tnecl ~ 3 To t~tmu/t of f;irit ib. Dochine. 4 To un[ttlednefs of fpirit 7 To be 'flell Jkilt'd in tht 5 To diflraeling · cares & fears Myflery of Ch.riftian Con- ibid. untrllent, is the dt~ty,glory, 6 To jin~ing difcoNrAgtment ib. ·And excelltnch of If Chrifli- 7 To jinful.fhifting 8 An 3 8 To rijing of the heart agtfinft Chrifli~tn Contentrntnt defcrl- God 9 . hetl · 4 3 It is d. frllme of Spirit. l It is JnwArtl ibid. I It is [prelf4 1 hroHgh tl:e VPh~le -~ It is qNiet, »hieb is not ~ppo· SoHi I o [IJ. ~ ltis 11 /rAme of foul u l To fmfe of ajfiiefion 5 3 It is a bAbitturl frame 1 3 2. T~ cornpllfilfl of God or'!'~"· 4ft is If graciMs/rtJ!!I opeo(etl 1b1d. · I To n~rt;mtljlilne[s Jb. 3 TtlA'IIfH/ [tt/(ing of help 6 21 o fhtrdy rejfJ!Ht~onl _- ib. Bllt ;t is oppo/1~. 3 To ftrefJgth of nat-tm;t/ · reA[tn 14 a 5 It · '.. ',

The Contents. · ' Pag. Pag·'" S It is 11 frAWI of [pirit fruly I y, h11th thtlove. ofGotl in, fubmztting . that he. bt~ HJ 1 41 I Tht-iuArt is rt.cdily brQught 2 lt is fan(lifid for his gD()tl ib. over 15 3 Thert Js no ~tfttr·rtc~oning ::1 It is not by conj}r4int I 6 for il 4 '1 3 lt is nol of ffHpidity .. 17 4/t is by _the p11rch~t{1 Qj Chr.ift 6 Freely {Nbt~~itting Ibtd. · 1 1b•. 7 Ta~ing c.or~~placmdt ~n qo~·s 1 It iu, e~trne1 •r:l&ry Jur"tdifpo{e · 1b1d. Afttr • · 4.3. 8/n Gods difp,j; I 9 9 A Chrifli~tn fees GoJ:s In every conditio• zo i1ve in ~tjftittios 44 ---------- 10 His 11jftidi~ns fanClifjed in SERMON II. Cbri(f - -1-S: ---· ---·---- I I He fttches. /frmt.tb {ro111 FPe muf/[11bmit to God. irflv~ry Cirij} 47 nffliUion 12. H1 JNa!(..es 11p his '11ifnts in IFortleekJnJ, 22 God ' -49' z Fort he tivu 2 3 I 3 He. fete/us C ontlntll'mU ; ,Forthe.vAriet} 2 5 fromtbt Co1.1tn11nt 53 C onitntmrnt ·A MJftery · 2 6 Objtllion conurning rhtJlague, 1 A Chnfti.t~ is &.Jnteltt, yet 11,.[111ml 54 rm{atisfied "7 ---------- 2 A Chriftian cor1m Jo Con- sE RM 0 N I v . tt»t•mt by fu'bffrAffion 2J -------- -3 By adding IIISothtr burdtn to . tb4t he hAth 3 I .HI fupp/ittb 'JfWJtl b) 'I'Rhllt h~ _4 By chAnging tbt affiillio-• into finds ;,. him[t/f 1 .57 Another 33 H~ fe.tchts fuppiy frot~~ the Co5 By doil•g tht JJOr~ of his coM- 'lltnAnt · 6I tiition 35 I In general ibid. 6 By rne.lti»: his will into G8aJ :t From P·trtif~J/IIr prowiftt 11ill . 37 6* 7 By purging out th11t tb4t iJ I4 Ht re-11/li~nb tht thing1 of "Rithin 39 Hellvtn 67 I 5 Htlmuh his h~t~rJ Of!t to,. G~d ib. --------.-- ~ERMON III. I 8Hdives by the Jew of Gods i !effing 4G ' Le!fons

.The Contents. Pag. Pag. teffons whereby Chrill teach- "''' ts "'"""l.' 84 . eth Contentment.. 7 Leffon , To ~,ow tht burtbe~t of" Jr.()JP.eroMs ejlAtt Ss · I Stlf-Jeni~tl 68 Which is fourfol<;l wher~by If c l:riflian ~nO 'liS I The blft<thln of trQNb!e ib-. I ThAt he is nothin,g 69 l. Tht l1•rdtn o{d~tnger 86 ~ ThAt lu Jeferves nothtng ib. 3 Tht b~trdtn of D:>~ty ~" 3 Th~~t h~ c11n do nothing 70 4 Tht bNrdm of 11Cco~nt 1~ . 4 Th~tt he cAn receive 110 go.•d . 8 Leffon, A gn"t evtl·to be gz• rJf hit»[tlf Jb, fltn "}to INr ow~t btarts de5 .If God •irhJr~tr~ hitnftlf he · ftrt . , 91 cAn ma~t H[t of nothi11~ it, --·-----,- 6 That he is '!lorfe thA,n nothing SE RM0 N V I. ·- . ' 71 ------- 7 ThAt therr is •• /ofs of hiw if 9 Lellhn, Tlu ri!ht ~r~mledg of /, ;rrifh . io. Gods PrfWiilenu 9-i- ·s ThAt be co•n tQ rtjoyct in Wherein four thin~$ God's w•ys 71. I The !tniver[Aiity •f Jt ib. ~ Leffon, To~,.,., the 'IIA,ity 2. Tht Effie~tcy of it ~'5 . ~f tht CreAtN.rt · 7 3 3 The Varitty of it 1b. 3 Lc:ffon, To ~no• th~t (me 4 61d1 p1rticN/t1r J.t~tling with 'thing Ntctj[ArJ 74 hiJ ptop/t. · · 97 ---·---·---- In three ~hings S iE R M0 N V. I Thty Are ordinArily;,. 11j]li• ~------- ftitm 98 4 Lelfon, To · ~no•.:hiJ .,.·elAtion l. Wht• ht intm~s tbt• gre4tin this world 76 t/J rmrgJu hr brings the'!' 5 Leffon, whtrein the .:o64 •f lo'llltjJ 1b · tbt CrtlfiNrt is 79 3 Ht 'III Qr~J by C ullt'rAritt 99 6 Leffon, The k.,nowltit of his The Excel1encie of Con- . own ilt11rt Sz tc:ntment. I· Whichhelpr to C9nttnt·mmt · t Excc:Ilencie, By it .,,/give ! by difcovtrinl 11btrt difc~n- . (;'oJ his iNt ''lf.Orjhip I CH ' · t~nt /iel ibid. z Excel. in it thlrt is ,Mch ex- ~ Bj ~n•wi~g_ 'llbAt is [NtAble to I ercife ofgr11c.e I 01 ottr cOJ_Jili'U·Pn 83 I Thert u rntJcli f/rtngt~ . of J. BJ thu we ~,.o., """( ""'Art gr~trl 1bid, l 2. ~ Thtre

'fhe Con tent$, Pag. ' ·. Pa~ • .z 7 here is mueb btii!Jty 1[ gr~a The ~arks of Gail in C onver-• • t . I 04 . . Jion. ' 3 Excel, rbe Sotll iJ fitted to I To ma~e tU fm(ib/e of the t-vil r(ceivernercy I o6 in fin 1,13 -+ Excel. It is jitted-tl do . fer- 1. .Afight of. the Excellent-it.of - vice · I07 CbrifJ 1b~ 5· Excel. Cont-entrmnt delivers 3 T4~ing the heart from the from temptAtion Io8 Creat11re ib. 'Excel. It brings ~tbundance 4 CA{fing the f,u; on Chri{t forof comfort. U o 11Dgsod - ·. 114 7 Excel. It fetcheth in th11t 5 Sr~bdui11g the SoH/ t4 Chr:i/f which we pojfefs not I 11 aJ King 1b. In four Particulad. 6 Givi»g t~p the {M! to God in SERM 0 N, VII. _______ _..~.----- ~Excel. 'Contentment 11 greAt bltjfing of God nprm the SoHf . II5 9-Excel. A cmtentedm>tn may_ txpdt_ murd II 6 I o. Excel. By C gntentment tht Soul comis neArift theE:~­ cd/mcie of G1J him(.elj I I 7 Ufe I T11 be h~mbleJ (Qr want of Conte ntme.nt. II-8 The tvils. in a mflr11luring Spirit. . !, lt is an argNr:Mtnt of much Glr-. rHftion in the foul I I 9 2 It is Amu of 11 r~ic~ed tJJIUJ . I;l-0 3 Mur;,uring i~ accoHnted. ;ebtllion I 2 I 4--It is exceeding tont.rary to l_[MI iN 60fl'tllrjion J 21 Covmant Il5 5 Evil llf.urmfir/tJg belo11 i! Chrifhr:m . n6 I B'elmv his Relation. 1 I To God tlJ 11.- PAt.he.r · ibid. 1 To Chrifl 11s a Spou/.e ib•. 3 To Chrift as a Member ·•IZ7 4 To Chrift as a CrJ-heir ib. 5 To Gods Spirit . 111 : aTemple ·- ---- - ibJd. 0 r~~ A.ngt/s ) IIJ Oltl rtitb them._ . . ... ·:- ibia. 7 To ~~i nts; 111 a[ tlJe fu·mt b,... J.y • ibid . 2. Belo1v b~s Dignity. . Every Chripi""" King uS 3 It iJ be/o;" rhr_fpir it of' 11 Cbrijli(ln · H9· i BeJor~ th~ profejfim of 11 Chrifl ian ' I'3 I;. 5 8elm the :rAce: of F1ith ' ',· ib·id. · SE R~

•.:·The ·Contcnn. · Pag. . Pag~ . --.....;..;.;....~ ·B Evil, G6tlm~J 1~tjlly.,l#l..i, ~· S ER M0 N. VIIJ•. · i Jr~.,J hu prottflign.fro-./111~ --·---------r-- : j • . ib. 6 B;l.ow the helps of;; c ~~iftian I Aggrav.~t!o.ns ofth~1i.ri of lfli.fr.• . ·I3Z r»Urtttt,•. ,' 7 Bd~-., 'the e.-rpectf1tion :of" a · I Aggr~-~aqol?~ T.he greanr tfu Chrif/itm 1b1d. · mercuJ, the greater the ji11 S Betolil wkat other ChriftiAns - ~f mHr:r'!nrfng I 5o. h;~ ve don~ r 33 '"";"'7""'[-------~ 6 Ev.il, by mHrtnHring we ~~~.do · SE RM0 N I X; . ·aur praytrJ tb. - .-------..,..- 7 EriJ, The efeas _of li_murmu-. 2.. Aggrav.when we murmur for. , ring heart : . . • ! {~all things . · I 57 ~ Lof; ofmt~ch tt11te, ~ ... 13'4- •3-i).ggtav,. l~'ht~t, rj;e,n, Pf ptfrts 2 a,~fitJ?efsfur Dnq. '- . ~ . t!Y..- l .(, dnd llbili#es_ tn!}1:mur I u 8 3 Wic~ed rijings of helirt 1-35 4 .Aggray.q..·kefrmufi •f Gods ""U~thttnkfHinefs . , ibid. mercy . ib. 5 Shifting- ·. 13 8 5 ~ggrav. Dif-contentfor whAt 8 Ev.(il, lJjfco.I!Jten~ tt.foofifofin 111! hav~ •· , "lh ·.1 " •. · J 59 :• · . . }·.. , ip~ 6 .h~g~av .• -''T;Phe'l. men '}.re raifed 1 {rta~e's .Jway.. the., cpmfor;.t. ef \ fro~ a lo~ fO"djtion ib. 'rlhM "e. ;h.Ave • • • >~be. 7 A ggr~x. ,Whf1Hnm ~av_el:wa 2/f'e ct~rmot help our {elves by great jirmers · __ I~• . ·it , . 1 'I 39 8 Agg~av. Whtt~thofe mur!».wr, 3 lt.c~R{tth foolifo c.errittge to . that a're of little ufe in rhe Goda.ruim.a•• . ~ 1 \~bjsJ. 110(,£.d~ . ' .. ··.- . I;6I -4 {Ma~es 01/t the /wut_mfs . of 9 ,J\ggrav,y, murmHr 1Phtn God vnrcies beJorObey cotp_e ib. :is abo:Jt to ·hN,blt us • ib. SIt r~ta~es ajfUfiion worfe 141 10 Aggrav. When ,Gods hand is 9 Evil, It pro7lo~u th~ wrAth. of 1 npp,~ren~ in ajjiiaion , I 61. Gt'd :, · 1, ., tb. Il Aggrav. To mHrmHr N.ndtr J c Evil> Ther~ is a tnr/e 11p~n • long Affiit?ions .. J-~3 . ·it . . Iff.~ Pleas ~fa dJfC€/ntented hearr. 1 I Ev1]., Then £.c. 'tmch of the- I ~_tea, I aw bHt/enfib/1 Df wy' S,pirit ef SatAn in it , I .of.? , .11jfiiCiion u .Evil; It. bring• .an 'Ab[oliu~ 1 Senfe of 11jflilfon ta~n no(,.~ nmffitJ ·ofdif'J!f.iet.·'.: ib. 'IJ~t'}{mfe ofmtr;iu ' I6-) . . ~ [,

. Pag. Pag. flit hl~der1 fio '-dt~tJ ib~ fltGI!oni ibid. Jh[i ,fiJ'K · W'A~! iu !Jfi(i ·'(J.qd f~r 2 We fooulel be 1110re ·t:Areful in .:. wm:rin of ~thtrs ibid. . o1i'r clrrl~grtt~ h J 7'Zr ~ Pt~lfj ~My tr~ubltls for ' m} 6 Plea, The il!Jlicf.ion is IXCU""'. fins, tlinggreat. I It is not, if yoN ,,., mt tro•- . I lt Is not r~ great I.S -thy firu ltltd for fin before · 166 ib. z W,hllt the grt4tejl ' c11re u re- z It rnitl3t :hAve be!H greAter · moilojftil1ion · - ioict 1 -7~ 3 If after affliCtion ~J riw'B'tied, j 'it if grt_~ttrfor thy m~trwlir•.­ . {i,. trsu~lrs ,.ot ibid. ing ib. ii{ there be n•t cAre to a~tJid 7 Plel, It is gruttr tbiln others · fi• A[ur . 1~7 , ajJiiaJo,u: . · 5 ~herds thi •ore ~~~.uJtto ~-c- ,A,.[IIerei. i~J 4 thi~gs ,. ·.174 Gij't of tiu pu;,ifot~~e'nt . ib~ !8PJeaJ/f ~~~Y ' other ~fjMfion 3 Plea> Go~ 'Witbi.rims hirl#- • · they cgu/d be &1J11ttnt · {elf. At){'Wtrtd in f 1hinl1 · 17... I we thitJk., ChJ is JejArtti .9 Plea, My ll[jlifJJ6ni ,,.~, , C,be,. be Jotb hHt t~Jfiif! i68 1 me .un[trviut~ble to (;otl.. 1-'f!if1Jh1tt is i fign ~tid~/.Jife i! Thouzh thou •rt r~~ealf, thou of G1ds dejlfh'Hr~ ' · ib. • , Art A f1mnber •f tht boJJ 176 · ; If G-,d i.tJArt fro'w .'US we '. z Thy generAl <&lllli~g .is bigb fho,;JJ 1m fro• him 169 177 ".f. Plea, I ~w ·troHble'd for ,ens 3 'tho11 ttrt e1u11l '"ith Ang~ls . ill J~~ling. · 1 • . .· 1~. I Men . •re (IQd.t inj1r11tnrnts 4God l~tghly eflur»stbellcl't- . ·, ,_.. ' t7iJ onnf~tJtlin Chriflittns 176 1 11lt fbonhr rAti~r pity them 5 Fttith{14lmfr in 11 iiuan c~l­ . 1h11n murMur 1"7 t ling fh•ll ~~ rtw~rded 1b. 3 ' ,;e h;tve · rithte~Hs MeA/ing , 10 Pl~a. · witb God · · ' i9id. MJ conditio~tiS '!,.fetleJ.\ ~~-·-~-·..:.--~ · I Et~ try '*IJn in his {a led ef/Jte S ER M10 N1 X. · ' is fiAnity I 79 J-~------.....---- i Gotl iJill bA'Tit Hllirrlt in de· 5 !lea, It is an Ajfiifli~lf tb~t I -, ptml~tnce .. . : ibid ~ ., . lo~~ea tHt for. • 3 Thy (piritiill! '~ml·mon ,.,., lit is AJQ/Iy'n~t to /qq~f-tJr '4-. bt/etltl. I St · 11 Plea.

The Contents. Pag. Pag. 11 Plea-. W1r/J 190 } have bun in 11 bmt"onditim . 7 It hath bun tht conditi_on of l T hy eye jhttul~ mt be e?Jil,be- our betters I 9I cAH[e the eye 1{God kAth 8 We were once conwtt 11ith tht bun good ~ 82 11or/d 11ithot11 grAce , 1111~ ~ Profperity WIU to prepAre t~u fho~ld now with gr11ce -withoNt f~r4Jiillion 1b. .theJ¥or!J 193 12 Plea. 9 Whe14 r~e h11d Co~tentment 1u JAm cr1(t, lljttr r»Hth p11ius. gave not God tlu glory ib. 1The greater the croft,tbe more I o Experimce of Ci~ds dti~g_u.r the obeditnct 184 ' g~od il_f ~<ffliaions . 1b1d. 2 Tily p~tins fhoN!d. _be 7fith [11b- D1retbons to Cotitentrmlft. mi/fim lfJ G1d' 19 5 I Thtrt mu{/ bt gract to 1111ke 3 C1nttntlltl't in {~tch 1Uondi- · tht [oN/ /}t~ttly 19) tio• i111 tejlimmy of mere' z Not to gri;t tH mHch of ~he toveto God ibid. wor/J. 1b. J 3 Ple2. 3 H4Vt ~tAll in evtry bujinefs ·Diflemjers •f btart AUOHif~ed 196 11s 11ord.t btfore Got/. 1b. 4 Walk by rule ibid. ~-~-----~- 5 E>.:trcifc 1tllllchfaith 197 SE R M 0 N X I. 6 Lltbtr to bt fpiritHiflly mind- .· -- '. ed 198· Con!ider2t10ns to r¥Or~ the 1 p . r 1 r / gr t b roms1 t no your 1 t ves ta .tArt to Cor~tentrnent thin 1 , 2e 8 1 Confid. The ,~rtllttj/ cf tht 8 Ger mortifitJ heArt's to the me rein we havt -: . I ~7 -nor Id -./ ibid. 'lGodi.theforelflndr~.zthus-gr.th 9 p · h .~n · . t88 ore not tOO 11JH( neon ll)j•lWJfrctU , {lions 2011, 3 T ht ~brmd.cnce o£merctu '11t I 0 M 1.. d .fl. n · · f . -· 1 8 .t'<! AgoB conprHwton o eRJ0Y ' . . . 9 God.t WlfJI towards Hs 202 "'f- A /1.-creAtHru 111 " v~~~, I r Rcg11rJ net others fancies, fitude 1 1 . • bHt 11hat we feel 20) 5 the creAttm fujftrs fgr Hs jb. 1 ., B 1 • d ·· t 1 1 1. · . h · .. e no mar tn4 t 'Y a"t!J. ' We have lzttle mm in t 1 'IPith tht cqmforts uf tht ~Par id ze6 SER·

I J;~-; *tiut~u~u·uut !U~U!t ':'''''''.'''9'''.'''''''9 The rare . J.EWEL· ' · .()f (:[ Chrinia~ Contentment. SE R M 0 N I. At Stepney. July. 2.7. I6·H· . ' PHILIPPIA ,NS, 4: n. ' ·· Fr,r 1 h.e~e ltarnei in '!¥hat[df1.Jtr (tA:"t f Jtii, ' ibtrewith tl b<contti'Jt. ' · - ~: '\,.. •2._ -·l~ .. . E I{ E is a ' veryfulfo~tAb/e' Coraiait~ reviTe tl:\e drooping Spit its of the Sahn~ in fad ' arie ~nkin' times: Por th~ h9Nr of TemptAtion:is al~eady _come upon a !I c be vvorld to try th~ Inhabltlnts liliitllci\\1 of the earth. · · · Ollr g_re.et A.pof!le experimentally.bot?s fott~.i.~. ~his Gofpe!- . Text, toe very hFc an? foul of all ~rachca~ D1vmt~Y; \vherem we may plainly readhts ov~m. pro6.c1ency_ m .c brt{ls School ; and what leRon everyChnfhan that would ev1dence the poW'er :md growth of G6dltnefs in his own foul, muA:necdfarily learn from bin,1. _ c Thefc I /

4 The rttr~ 'few~l'o{ch;,.!Jii~~ · Cohtentmenr-. p - -· ~ - ,..,.._ • · Thirdly, Wbac Lh9."e 1eff.J:1s a£~· th~t m'u1l be Iearn'd to work the heart to c~nterv·Q.Teli t ~:· ~. ' t "fou~\b!y, ~h~r~in:~ffe . gJq~~tJ.~.s e~c~~~ic1,Ss 1bf,}nis gr~ce " · • · ' qo~li prmCJpaily co·)fi ii ··• · :> 1 "-.. -~J '" · • •• • ' Conc~~n_i ng the firll, t<ik~'thjS' ' ¥~rcripi~911; Cliri/tt~~?~ Con'- tfntmen A, r.r :h~ t / wm, inw,a·d, q~{er , .~r,:; c.fvH! frmne of Spirit ' · 'freeiyfrJ.b1f!tttrttg t.e, ,trr.d' tak!rl{c!in,p (n c~~c..r, irl G,pdt !" ife J and ;Jarber/y'diflw./t]n' fv tty c~l'ld it 'i rl;P· , · , • . .;I !ha-ll p~eakot}e;r t~i.s· ~.(~ripi~~!i1f.ar: 1 t.')i .~ .b_P.x of pr'eci.1t~s Omtment, very cof!Tf6t.rtijff!..alid ~(e.fULhl trbubled he-a\· ts, ih troubled' times and cond1ir8P.'S. · · ; . Firft;Contmtmoit (I ri..}) .is a/riett (im~ard) he4~t-t.hz'ng,it 'is 4 wor~of the [pirit withinif'oor.r: It is n'ot only .a notfeel<mg help-to oud elves tiy 'o:mv'atd violence, or a ferbeahnce qf difc?'orence.a. mub~wrin'g '· C'x£r2!J!dn. ~fi'tj ~rowar~ ff~~o!ct.( ah~ ·c~mages ig<ltn!l'(}~d '6_t otb~ss; ~ ~utli 1_s the 1 , \h. ~rdft: Bft! i t:fibtl ·Ot tHe heart. P'f.tl. 62. I:T~u/y, myf2ul w.att~f~_Hp,fn,God;and ver. 5. My [~stiPNit thou qn/y Npon ,G.od, fo 'J ~ IS"tt1 ro ~l~ Books : but the ·wo,rds m~y l:>e traJ.l~ted as r,ightly,.M/fohl b'e rhc•·J Ji(~nt unt!J Cfo li~. lf.ol~.t~J/edf('q · mJ,[o'u? ~ Not~.Or:l_y~tg~ tongue m~n .hold ~~·s_pe~.ce; ·~btlt ,tfl~/~~~ ll(U~ . ~e·r fi_l~"t .,Ma~yma y ~t Clown fi[ently, forbe·ati~ ~H'r(~ot1tent'e'-d ~~pt~!n?Hs',')Jet <!'re HHV.trdly fwoiien with difcohte ·{ment; no~ tM1s m~n1feltetb a perplexed diltemper and a gre~t frowardnefs in their be~rc.s : ~nd God_ notwir-hlh· ndi~$ · ch~trb~ttvar.d ·fitence hears the r.ee.: vltb'freCUQg Languag~ of their fo-qls. The fhoe tr!ly'be' fmbidth and' .,eat without, tvhilll th~ fiefu i~ ·pitiched vyitbin : l_'tier~ may be much cahnnefnnd llillncfs outwardly, and yet wonderful confufion, bitter.nefs, .di!.lurbance and vexat-ioo Nithin. Some are fo weak that they a·re not able to contain the difquietnefs of their ~wn fp1riri, bUt in :vo~ds and behavionr 'difcov~c I'Vha~ woful perpurbatiorts there ate within, 'their Spiri t~ being hke th~ tagirig Sea t a!1i£!g forrb· nod·liog but mire and dir~. being not only trohblefome to themfelves but to all thofe theY livewith: Ocbeis there are who are able to keep in fuc_h d!~emp~s of kear~, (as tNd~~ d~~ ; when be .b.etr~yed Chti!t ~Jtb a ktfs. )btu ll1ll they boy! mwardlpnd eat hke .a C:m- ·ker::!ias Davidfpeaks concemir.1g fome w h~fe words are fmoother

The r~rt Jtwd of chriJfiA11 Contentment. 3 tHr {elvu?:. {or..}·S~~i~ meaning therefore - mufi~e, Hind a rufficieRcy of fHisfachon m my owne heart, throu-gh. the grace ofChrifi tpat is in me; tbough I have not outward comforts~ worldIf accomtfl6dat~ohs to f~pply my, neceffities~~ :jet i enjoy portion ~no~gh bet"lxt ChuH and my own foul abundantly to {atisfie tpe in e.'ery condition..And this interpretation isfuitable to that place,Pro. 14. I .f. Ag~otl "'"'! is{.ttjJ.jita from hiwfelf, and ~gt'eeable to 9Vhac he ver1fies of b1mfelf 10 another _pla.ce ; thal though be h~d rmhing,_yet he pof!ef!eJ all thingJ ;-.becaufe he had right to the covenant.and promife wh~ch vertual1y contains all, and an intereH in Cbri(t toe fountain and good of all, and having that, no matvel be faitb that in whatfoever fiate he "a~ jn, he was conte(\t. Thus you,have_ ~he ge~uine interpretation :f>fthe Text. I (hall no_t m~ke any dmftOnJ.of the words,becaufe I' ul(~ tpem orl'f to pto(~cu~e th~t ~n·~ dt~ty 11;1o£l neceffary,vi.;,. Th~ quieti~g u1d co~~or~ipg th~ hc;1r.ts ?f.G.o~! people un~er the troubles and chaAges they. meet wltball, m heart thaking ·rimes, And the Doarinal conclqfi9n is in briefthir. Dotl_. 1 hlft ta be :"'.ell.sk_ii' 1 i"'._fhe .my]te~y •f C brij/i4n C 1•- untmtnt isthe Duty,~lqry, and "f-~:ctl/eHcie ef 11 C~ri{litt•• Thj(f,:vang~ic~l t~u~h is qeld f~rth fuffi~i,e~tly in Scri_pture: yet take qne·ot_ t\'IO Flar~lel :place$ more ~or the 'confirma.tiop of . ir. I Tit1f. 6. 6, ~d S. you have l:>oth th.cr duty exprefi, and the tlory the.reof: Having fa9a "!'d raiwent (fauh verf, 8.) ltt 11s the,-e11ith be content,there ~~ t!i~ .dl:_l_ty; BHt god/inefs 'llith Co!r' -~mtwunt_ isgr.eat g~ti~,; Ter~~' ~. ~~ere~~ the glory,and exccdl~ncy ofit: as_1f go,dlinefs~_ were ~%Hm-.exc~P.t th~re_ were Contentm~nt Wlthaii. Thehke exh?rratwn ypu havetn•Heb•. I 3·5· Let your c9rJVerjtttion be "¥Jitbi};Jt Covetoufnep, 11n4. be content '11itb (ucb thin~s as J~U h4ve. I do not find any Apo(Ue or Writer of Scriprurtrreat fo much of ibe fpiritual myllery of Contentmen& ~s this our Apoftle hath done throi:lghoat his Epiflles. · For the deer.opening and proving of this £m&ical conclulion, I fhall indeavour to demonfirate thefe four things. · Firfi, the nature of this Chrifiian Contentment, 1 what it is. '~econdly, the Art and Myflery of it. .. . c ~ · Th~rdlr

2 7 bt ra.re Jaul of cbriftian Co_ntcmmcm _ --..::......:~- Thefr words ar~ _bro~ghc in by PANI~ as a plain ar~ument to perfwad~ the PhiiippiaHs tha·t he d1d · no~ feek after great tbing~ in t-~- w~!d, a~1d that he fought nee theirs,_ hut them: He d1d not pafs fo'r- a great e!hte; he had better thmgs ·to take l:lf' his heart IVithal. I do not fpeak(faith he') in refped- of want (F1r )YYhetber I have or have not, my heart is fully fatisfied i. have enough; I bATH !eflrMd in wbatfonm {fate I ~111, ther~­ "¥Pitb 11/le c~ntent • . r have !earnefl.) C9ntentinent.m f!Jvery condition is a or eat Art, a fp.::cial Myiterie;· I~ is to be learned and fo to be le:roed as aMyHeriet··'Aud tber.efore verf, u. he affirms:, I k_now ho;:; to be iib-lljed 11nd 1 lzno._-p how ta ~tb ound, ewry where and in 111J things l11m infiruC!(d : The word M&p.J11p.~ which is tr ;t nflacea -[ln{iructd] is derived-frs_>m that word p.t~>1lecoy, wh ich fignifies Myjlery; at=Jd it is as much as if he had faid, I have learned the myflery of this bafine fs. Contentment ·is- t:o be learned as (a!gte·at inyfferJe;ancfthofe tbafare thiOughly tr~ioed up in that art have learned a deep Myftery; The which is as S11mp[o11s riddle to a natural man,[! have harnd it.]1tis not no1v to learn; neit~er ha~ lit at fir.H 1 I ~ave ac,taiDed it though with much ado, and gol\r -by the &race ofGod I am become maHer:ofthis Art. In whAt{6(ver /1Ai~ 1 am]Tbe \V.ord [State] ~ not in the Original, but,-r., •1~ li1.<t, In wh11t 1 "' ', that is, in whatf@ever concerns or befals me~ wbecher I have little or nothine at all. Thermith t.~ he content ,ttrhtlrx.n),;,cu ]The word which we render C6~t-en.t. her_e,~atb iJ? t~eqrigipal much -~le_gan~y and _fulnes o£ G.gndicatton mH.In l!ntlnefs of phrafe It IS on! y attnbuted unto God,_who bath (tiled himfelf God A l/llfficimt, as refiing wholly fatislied in and with himfelf alone ;. but he, is pleafed freely to communicate of his fulnefs to the .creature, fa tnat from God in Chrifi theSaints receive f!.~e for gr~tc(,'fu b. I. I 6. In fo much that there is in them u1 aoflverableoefs of the fame grace in their proportion 'that is in Chrift. And in this fence . P11.u/ faith I have a Se!f-Suffi.citncy, as t~e word notes. But hatb P~tul a felffufficieacy you will fay? How are wee fufficient ofour fdves ?·Our Apoftle affirms in anodier cafe, Th~t l'lllrQ nqt {uffi,itnt ofMr {ehm 10 thin~ llrJJ thing 111 of fHr

The ra,-e Jewel of cb,·i 11ian C ontentment. 5 ther the n ho 1ey, and bu tter, and yet have 1var in their ~ hearts; and as he [aitn in anothe r<p!ace, v bJHt I ~![t ji.'ena my bone r ' 1 t>z-xed old; fo there, 1'\'.h1~H there is a fer,eil e calm upon their tongues, have ye t blul.hing {tormes in (hei r fpirir s, and whMt they keep fileo ce their heJrts are tWL!Sled, and ev·::n Norn away with anguifh ·and vex~ ion ; _they bavr;: pca-:e ::nd q;liet outwardly, bur war from the unm,y and turbulent wc.rhi 1g~ oftheir:hearts, that i3 within. If the auaimment to true C ll" tentmen~ were as eafie as keeping qn iet out ward!y,~ he:r e need be no great learning of it ; it might be bad wi rh lefs sbl! and ftreng! b than an Apoft le bad ; yea than an ordH ,ary ChriP.ian 'lath or may have. Therefore certainly there is a great deal more in it then can be attained by common gifts, and ordinary power of reafon, which ofcen bridles 111 nature. It is a heaitbl!fine,fs. Se~ondly, !& ii th: ( q·tiet ) of the heart,A!l is [edate and £hll tbere, and to nhde,r{hnd this_ the better; This quiet gracious fram~ of fpirit. It is not oppofed. , ,. I. ,To tt.Jul fmfe ofaffii£ti rm . God cloth give leave to his people tobe fe nfible of wha t th ey fufFI!r: Chrift cloth not fay do not·count that a croffe which is a crors, but take up your crofs dayly. As it is in the body natural, if the body rakes Phyfick and IS not able ro be ar. it bur pre[ently -;omits it up, or if it be not at all [enfible, if itft ir not the body; e·ither of rhore vvaies the Pbyfick dQ-tb no good, but arg1,1es the body much diHempered .and will hardly be cured. So it is ',A{ich the fpirits of men under atRtcbons ; if eithei they cannot bear Gods potions but cafl them up again or are not fenGble ~f them, and their fo:Jls arc no more Hir•d· by them th1n the body is by a draught of frnall beer~ ic is a fad fy:nptome that their fouls are in a dangerous and aJmo£1: incurable condition: So that th ;s inward qliiemefs is not in oppofition to the fenfe of aflletion : for indeea there were no true Cotltentment if you wete not apprehenlive ;md fenfible ofyour affiietions when God is angry. It is not oppofed. ' · · 2, To an orderly mli~int, O{t r moAn and compl.tir:t to Gcd cino oNr frie-ndr. Though a Cnriflian ought to be quiet U'lde r Gods correCting hand, yet he may withotlt any breach of Chri!lian - · .Contentment

6 The rare Jewel of Chri~ttlll Comentmenr. -contentme tl t complain to God; ( as one of the Ancie.nts faith) though not with a rumulcuous clamour ar;d skreekincr out in a pe;·plexed paflion,yet jn a gui~t flill fubmiflive way he0may unhofom h1~ heart unto Uod. And likewife communicate hts lad condition to his gracious friends, {hewing them hoiV God bath dealt w.ith him and ho;v heavy the affiithon is upon hl!:n, that t.hey may fpe~k a word in dlle feafon to his wearied foul. It is not oppofed, . To 11/i 14~J~~I fuking out for htlp unto another cMaitiM-,or fim· ~~} tnfltiiVIJUring t~ be Je/ivem/, ()Ut of the ertfmr P.ff/iflion by rhe H[e 11[ /4Hfuil meanJ, No, I ma¥ fay in prov1lion for my de.- liverance and ufe Gods means waitililg on 'him, ·becaufe I know not but that it may be his 'fill to alter my condition; ana fo far as he leads me I may follow his providence, it is but my duty. God is thus far m~rcifully indulgent to cur we~knefs, and he w.iH not take it ill at our hands if by earnefi and importunate prayer ~ve feek unto him for deliverance, till ~ve knmv his good pleafare therein, And certainly thus feeking for help \'Vith fuch a fubmiffion and holy relignation offpirit to be delivered when God will and as God IVill, and how God will,fo that our wills are melted into the will ofGod, mi-s is no oppofition to the EJUietnefs which God requires in a contented fpirit. ~(j}. Bllt then, what is this q~'ietnefs offpir·it oppofed ucto? . Anfw. To 1111trmuring And repining at !he hand of GoJ;uth-e J.ifcontotted Jfrae/ites oft m Jid, VVniCh If We OUt felves cannot endure either in ou; children or fervants much lefs can God bear it in us, ~. n vexing .tnd fretting·; which is a degree beyoJ:J~ murmuring. It is a fpeech I remember of an H~athen. ,A IVtfe man m1y grieve under,bnt not be vexed IVith l:i1s affiuStwn~. There is a vaft difference benvixt a l<ind ly grieving and a d1flempe* red vexation, 3. To tumuium;fnt"f of ffirit _: When the thoughts run ~jf .. traetinaty and Nork i1·1 a confufed m.mner,fc that the affetltons are Jik~ the unruly mnltitude in the Atfs, who ~new not fo what end they were come together. The Lo_rd. expe6h that you fhould be filent under his rod, and as he fa1d m .A.fi.t9"•36-yo14 . oNght

,,The rare Jtwel ~~ Chri;1ian Contentment. 7 oHght to be "qHiet and do nothing ra(hly. 4 To rmfaledmfs and unfixednep of fpirit, 'Whereby the heArt _ is ~a~en elf from the prefent duty that GoJ r,·qRirn in OliT feve._ r.tl relations; both toward, God, ~Hr {elvn, and olhers. We fh0uld prize duty at a higher rate than to be t4ken of by every trivial occafion ; a ChriHia-n indeed v~lues· every fervice of God fo much,that though fome may l?e m the eye of the world and ofn~tur3l reafon, a flight em pry 'bufinttfs, beggeriy mdiment5,foolifunes,yet feeing God calls for it,the authority of the command cloth fo over-a1v.e his heart, that he is willing to fpend himfelf and to be fpent in the difcharge of it. It is an expreffi.- on of L11thers, ordinary works that are done in faith, and from faith are more precious than Heaven and e~rth. Acd if rhis be Co, and aChriflian know it~ it is not a little matter that tbould divert him : but he fhould anfwer every avocation, and refill every temptal'Wn,n NehemiAh d1d cbap.6.J,Sanbd~Jt, G6jhem ~tnd To~iAh ('IVhen tbey IVould have hindred rhe buitdi-Rg..of the wall}with this, 1 am J~ing a greatwJr~ (faith he) fo th~tl cannot cpmt dow», r~hy jhonld the rnr~ of the Lord. cettf~?. 5. To diftr~ttfing heart;.e~ting cares and fean.A gracious heart fo eflimates it's union with Chrift and the work that God fets it about as it IVill not willingly fllffer any thing to come imo choak it, or dead it. A ChriHian is delirous that th.e Word of God thou.ld takefuch full poffe!fton as ro devide betweene foul and fpirit, but he would not fufter the feare and noife ofevil tid ngs to take f~ch impreffion in his foul,as to make a-diviffioa ani !l:~ugling t~ere like the c.vin~ in Rebeck._4'h.f ~vomb. Agreac m1 IVtll perm1t common people to fland 1V1thout his doors, but he will not let them come in aod make a noife in his clofet or bedchamber, when he purpofely retires himfelffrom aU worldly imployments, So a well te~pered fpirit though it maye inquire after things abroad withont doors in the world,and fu ffer fome ordinary cares and f<Zars to break,-into the fuburbs ~f the foul, fo as to have a light touch upon tbe thoughts: Yet It Will FlOC UJ?Ol1 any terms admit ofan introfion into the privy chamber, wh1ch tbould be wholly referved for Jefus Chrill as his inward Temple, 6. TD fh/(Jng difcolmtgtmt'fltJ, \Vben things fall not out accot- . . , ding

8 Tbe rare Jewel of Chri~ia~ Comemmenr. cordiog to expecta tion, when the tyde of fecond caufes runs fO Jow that_ IV~ fee little !eft in the OUtward m~ans tO bear Ut> our hopes ana ttem.;. 1 hat then rhe heart hegms to reafon as he in th e Ki ngs, If the Lord flm~id open the l f indow 1{ He {!Vfn bowJhou/d this be I Never confiderirg that God ca n Of!en the eyes 0f theblind with d ayand fpittle, he can wo rk above, beyond, nay cont!'ary to means; he often makes the fajreil Rower~ of mans endeavours o wither, and bri ngs improbable things ~o pa fs, thaqhe glory of enterpr izes may be given to bimfeH. Nay if his pe@p!e (•md in need of miracles to work their de!iveranGe, miracles fall asea.fily out ofGodshands, as.to give his people daily bread. Gods bleffing is many times fecret apon his fervants that they kno1v not whtch way it comes; as l Kingi , 3. I 7. re fl,a i/ not fa wind,ntitbtr {h11J! ye {tt rflin, ;m the va//e_v fh~/1 be fi lled with water. God would · h:lve us depend on him though 1ve do not fee me.1ns how the thing tbould be brought to pal~,elfe we doe not fuew a quiet fpirit; though an affiietion he upon tbee, let not thy heart fink under it. So far as t ~y ,heart finks and thou art difcouraged under thy affiicl:ion,fo much tl\ou ' WAntefl of this leffon of Contentment. 7.To finfu! fh-iftings and fhirkJngs out fgr e;t[eAnd ht0,,Aswe fee in Sfltll turning to t!ie 1vitch ofEndor, and his offering facrifice befDre Samuel <:3me: Nay the good King Jeho/h.11p hat joyns himfelfi'Yith Ah~C:dllh 2 Cbron. 20. tilt . And A{11 gm t o Benhad.td King ~1 Aj]yria for bdp, not rt l}ing ftJ pon the Lord( 1. Chr. I 6. 7. 8. ) Though the Lord had delivered the Eth iopi~ at:l Army int•O his hands , cCllnfift ing of a thou[and thoufaAd, 2 Chron, 14. I 1. And good Jacob joyned in a lye w~ th his mother to IfaAC,he was no< content to l-la'fGods time, and ufe Gotl s means,but made too great haH and ltept out of his way, to procure the ble!ftng wh ich God intended for him : as many do through the corruption of their hearts and weakne!s of their fai th 1 'becau.fe they are not able to trufl _God and f01low him full y in a!I things always ; and for ..tbts caufe the Lord often follows the Saints with many fore temporal croffes, (as we fee in Jac ob ) th-ough they obt ai n the mer·cy. It may be thy wr etched carnal heart thinks , I care not how I be deli- . vercd

The rare Jewel of chriffitJn Conte~tmenr.\ 9 delivered, fo I ~ay but get free from it: Is it not fo many times in fome uf your hearts when any crofs of affiietion befals you'? Have you not fuch kind of workings of fpirit as this ; Oh rh at I could buf be delivered qut of this affiicl:ion any way, I would not care; your hearts are far from being quiet~ And this fin full fbifting is the next thing in oppofition to this quietaefs, which , God requires in a contented fp1rit. ' · The Eizbth and hll t~u-~etnefs ofSpirit is oppofite to,is def;erate djings ~f he~~trt tfg~in~ in a '!ay of rebellion : That is melt abommable. I hope marry ot you have learned fofar to be content, as to keep down~ your hearts from fuch diflempers; and yet the truth is:,not only wicked men bltt fometimesthe very Saints of God find the/ be£innings of this, when an atflietion lies long,- aMd is Very fore and heavy upon them indeed, and llrikes them as it were in the mafier Yein; they find fomevvhat of this in their hearts, ariiing again{l: God, their thoughts begin to bubble, and th~ir affeetions begin to_Hir in_rifing aga_infl: God himfelf; efpecially ~ as togethe_t wab theu corruptions have much melanch~ly_i_anq the Devil ' working bo~h upon the cor_ruptio~ of·their hearts, a~d the me-- lancholy d1fiemper of then bod1es; though here may lye much . gra~e at the bottom, yet there may be fame rifings againfi God himfelfundet affii61:ion. Now Chriflian quietnefs is oppofite to all thefe things-: that is, When affiietions come, be it what af- ' flietion it will be, yet you do not murmure, though you be fen- / fible, though you make your moan, though you defire to be de.. liver~d, and feek it by all good means, yet you do not murmur nor repine, yon do not fret nor vex, there is 'not that cumultuoufnefs of fpirit in you, there is not unfetlednefs in your fpirirs, there are not difiraeting fears in your hearts, no fin king difcouragements, no~ bafe lhiftings, r:o rifings in rebellion any way againfi God : This is the quietne(s ofSpirit under a'n af-. flietion; and that is the fecond thing when the foul is fo fac able to bear an affii6tion as to keep quiet undel it. · Now the Th ird thing I woukl open in die d~fcr iption is this.; It is _an inw{lrd quiet, gracious [frame J of Spirit. It is a frame ofSpn·it , and tneo a gracious frame of Spirit, .• Content-: ment it is a foul-bufinefs. Firll, It is inward • · Second1y ' D ~ quiet

to Tbt r1.re Jtwel ofCbri;1i'an Contentment. quiet. Thirdly it is a quie-t Framt of Spi,rit.- [Fr~me] by that I mean thefe Three things: There are Three things confiderable when 1 fay,Contentment cc;mfifis in the quiet frtrm of · tbe Spirit of a man. FirH, 7 h,;tt it is a gr.tee that fprtads it [elf through the whale Son/: as thus, It is in the Judgment, that is, the judgement of the foul of a man or woman tends to quiet the heart; In my judgment I am fatisfied,that is one tbirg to be fatisfied in ones underfianding and Judgement, as thus, This is th~ hand of / God; and this is that that i~ futable to my condition, or bell for me; alchough I do not fee the the reafon of the thing,yet I am fatisfied in my judgment about it. ,., And then, It is in the thoHghts ofaman or woman : As my jud8ment is fatisfied fo my thoughts are kept in order. ' And then it comes to the will; My will yei!ds and [Hl1mit1 to it, my affections are all !ilzewife k..ept jn order, [9 that it goes throHgb the whole foul, There is in fome a partial Contentment, and fo ,tis not the frame of the foul, but fome part of the foul f)ath fome Contentment; as thus many a man may'be fatisfied in his judgment abotu any rhing,and yet cannot for his life rule his affeCtions, nor his thoughts, nor the vvill, though the jndgment be fatisfied : I make no queflion but many of you may know this by your o1vn experience, if you do but obferv~ , the · workings of your own hearts. Cannot you fay when fuch an affi i6lion befalls you , I can blefs God I am fatisfied in my judgement· abon~ it, I have nothing in the world to fay in refpect of my judgement againfl it, I fee the hand of God aod I fuould be content, yea I am' fatisfied in my judgment, that my condition is a good condition in which I am; but I cannot for my life rule my thoughts, my will, and rpy affe6l:ions,methinks I feel my heart heavy, and fad, and troubled more than it iliould be, and yet my judgment is fatisfied.This feem'd eo be the cafe of Davsd, P/al. 41. Oh my[o11l "RhJ ~trt thou d1J,jairttd? David as far as his judgment vvenr, · there was a c ntentednefs,that is,His judgment w~s fatisfied in / the workofG\·d upon him; and he was troubled,but be kneiV not wher~Fore,O my foul why ~m th~u thus ca{t down within me? That Pfalm is a very g<>od Pfalm for thore that feel a fretting, difcontented

~ --------------------------~------ Tbe rare Jewel of chrirfitm Contentment. ~ 1 1 difcontented diftemper in their hearts at any time, for them to be reading or finging:he bath it once or twice in that P[Alm,wby art theu caft downe 0 my foul ? In verf. 5. And why Art tho14 difquiewl within me ? hope than in God for I fhal/ yet praife him,for the het'p of his CtJtmtenil.nce, J?~vid _bad ~n?ugh to quiet him, aod that that he h1d,had prevalled 1V1th bts Judgment,but after it had prevailed with hisjudg~enr,he could not g<!t it further.He could not get this grace of Contentment to go through the wh0le frame of the foul. There is a great deal of flir fametimes to gee Contentmem into their judgments, that is , to fatjsfie thw judgments about their condition : Come to many, that tbe hand of God is upon perhaps in a grievous manner, and feek to fatisfie them, and tel them that there. is no (uch caufe to be dtfquieted; 0, not fuch caufe faith the froubled fpirit? 0 then there is no caufe that any !hould be difquieted ; there was never any fuch affii6hon as I have ; and a hundred things they bav~ to put off what is faid to them, fo as you cannot fo much ~s get into their judgments to.fatisfie them; but there is a great 'deal of hope of Contentment, if once your judgments come to be fatisfied, that you can fit downe and fay in your judgment~,I ,fee caufe to be contented;but though you have gotten thus far; yet you may hilve much to do with your hearts after'Nards : for there is fuch unrulinefs in our thoughts and aff~aions, that our judgments are not able alwaies to rule our thoughts and affecti~ns, and thar makes me to fay, That Contentment is an inward, quiet, gracious frame of Spirit, that is th~ whole Soul, judgment, Th~mghts, Will, AffeCtions and all are fatisfied and quiet. I fuppofe iA the very opening this, you begin to fee it is a leffon you had need learn, and it is not a .thing foon got, if Cantentment be fuch a thing as this is. The Second thing is this, whiah is very obfervable", That {piritu~tl •on:entment c ~ rm_s from ~h( fr4me of the So~tl.A man or woman that IS conteRted m a nght way, their Contentment d~th .9ot fo much come .from outward arguments,or any outward th~~g that h~lps them to be content, as it cloth from the difpolitiOn of the1r owf;le hearts ; It is the difpofition of their ovvne hear~s that caufes this Contentment; that brings forth this grac1ous Coo~entment rather than any external thing that D z · dota ) ·

12 7 be rare Jewel of Chriftian Contentment d-otn it ; as thus.lw-ould open my felf, one that,is di!guieted fuppofe a childe, or man,or woman, if you come and brmg t!J6~ ffome great matter to plea1"e them,that perhaps will quiet them, and they will be conteoted; it is the thing you bring them' that quiets them, but it is not the difpolition of their own fpirits ,. nor f.rom any go0d temper that there is in their o1vn hearts:but from fome external thing that is brought them : but when a ChriH:ian 'is contented in a right way,the quiet cloth come more from·the inward temper and difpofition of their own hearts than from any external arguments, or poffdlion of any thing in the world. I would yet open this further to you in this Similitude• . The being_ content upon fome external thing, it is likeche w11rming:of a mans cl oaths by the fire; but being content by the inward dif~ofition of the foul, it is like the warmth that a mans cl oaths bath from the natural heat of his body: A mao thatisofahealthfulbody, he puts on his cloaths, and perhaps when he puts them on at the firft in a cold morning he feels his cloaths-cold,.but after he·bath them on a l1ttle while they are ~arm- ~ vvhy how co;ne they warm; they come not nigh the fire : No, but it came from the natural heat of his body. Now aJickly man that bath his natural heat decayed, if he put on his doaths cold, they will not be h0t in a long time, but he muLl: have them ,warmed by the .fire, and--then they vvi!I quickly be cold, again; So this vvill difference the Contenti~ents of men. , There are fome men now that are very gractous, and when an affii&ion comes upon them, indeed at f.irfl: it feems to be a little cold, but after it hath be eo on a vvhile,the very tern· per of their hearts being gracious, it ma-kes their affl16tions eafie and makes them quiet under it, and not to complain .of any Difcontentment. But now you fhall have others-that have an affiiccion upon them; that have not this good temper in their beam, their affl i'6tions are very cold upon them, and grievous; and it may be if you bring them fame external arguments,fomewhat from without, as the fire that warms the cloat~J, }!lerhaps tney vviU be quiet for a while: but alas, want,ing a gracion·s difpofttion vvithin, in their own hearts, that warmth will not , hold .long• . The warmth-of the. fire that is, a Contentment ~tha!: 'o~es .. ~e~ily , !~~m ~x!er~a! argu~eQtS' will not 1 hold .ong,

-The rare Jewel of Cbrijfilln Comemmel~r. I 3 long, but that hoids that cloth come from the gracious temper of the Spir.it, It is from the frame and che difpofition of the fpirit of ·a man or woman. There's the true Contentment. But this we {hall fpeak to further in the opening of the My/fer} of Conttntmmt• . The Third thing is this, It -it the frame gf ~?irit that fhms the habftu4lne[t of this grace of C ~ntentrnent, Contentment is not meerly one aet, aSalh in a good mood7you !hall have many men and women, that take them in fome good mo0d and they will be very quiet; bur tbis will not hold, this is not a con- - Rant way, there is noc a confl:ant tenour of their fpirits to be holy and gracious under affii61:ion: But I fay, It is the quiet frame of fpirir, b,- that I mean, The habitual difpofi.tien of tbeir - Souls, that it is not only at this time, and the other tinTe when you take men and-women in a good mood: bnt it is the con· funt tenour and temper of the heart ; that is aCbrillian that · bath learned this leffon of Contentment, that in the conllant tenour and temper ofheart is contented,and can carry its felf quietly in a conflant way, or elfe it is worth nothing; f-or there is no body that i-s fo furious in their difcontent, but will be quiet in fom,e good mood or other. Now Firll it is a heart-bLI- · .finefs; Secondly,it istbe heart-quiet; and then Thirdly, it is : the frame Gf the heart. · · But Fourthly, It iJ the [fr-tcious] fntme ·of the h-eart. Irideed ' in Conten~ment ~he r e i~ a compofition of all graces;Ifthe contentment be Spiritual, if it be truly .Chriflian, there is I fay a compofi tion of all Spiritual graces; As it is in fome·Oyls,there · is a compofit ion of a great many very precious Ililgredients: fo , in this grace of Contentment which we lhall yet further Ipeak of in the op~ning of the excellency of it. But now the gracious : frame of Spirit it in oppofition to Three things? : I. Firft, in oppofition to the r~atural fti!nefJ th.tt thert is in JH4n-, mm and women. There are. fame of fuch a natural conftitution that makes them te> be more fl:i!I and more guiet -than other!: orhers are of a violent and · hot conllitution, and they . are more impatient than others. . 'l. Secondly, l1: oppa fit ion to 4 jhird y r~fr;lution. As fome men ~rough the flrength of fome Qutdy refol~1tion; they have not ~ -- -- - ·- · ·- ·· - --- fee~e~ ~

14 The rare Jewel o/Chri~ian Contentment. feemed to be troubled, let come what will ccme: and fo it may be through a fiurd-y l·efolu tion at fome times they are not fo much di!quieted as others are. . · Thirdly, In way of.diflinilion, from the very flrmtth of reafan (though not fan6hfied).t/;e (lrmgth of natural reAfon may quiu the heart in fome mea[11re,But now I fa.y ,A gracious frame of fpi,rit is not ameer fiilnefs of body through a natural confiitution & temper, nor fl:urdinefs of refolution, nor meerly through the {hength of reafon. You will fay, wherein is'this gracioufnefsofContentment diltinguifbt from all thefe?More of this will be fpoken to whe,n we lhevv the myfiery of ir, and the leffot:Js that are learned, but now we may fpeak a little by ~ray of c4ifiin&ion here ; as now, From the natural flilnefs ofmens fpiritS'; many men and womeR have fuch a natural ltilnefs offpirit and confiitution of body, that ypu lhall find them feldome difquieted; But now mark thefe kir.1d of people that are fo, they Iikewife are very dull, of a dull fpipt ie any good thing, they have no quicknefs, nor livelinefs of Spirit in that whicfu is good; but noiV mark where Contentment of heart is gracioas, the heart is very quick and lively in the fervice of God, yea the more any gracious heart can brir,g its felf to be in a contented difpofition, Oh the more fit it is for any fervice of God, and is very a&iv:e and IiTely in Gods fervice, not dull in the fervice ofGod:And as a Contented heart is very a&ive and fiirring in the work of God, fo he is very a&ive and fiirring in fan8ifying Gods Name in the affi :&ion that doth befall him: The difference will appear very deer thus, One that is of a fiill difp()htion, be is l10t disquieted indeed as others, neither hath be any a~ivenefs of fpirit in fanttifying tbe Name of God in the afflictior:l: but now one that is content in a gtacious way as he is not difq:.lieted, but keeps his heart quiet in refpetl: to vexing and trouhle, fo on the other fide he is not dull nor heal'y - but i~ very a6bve to fan&ifie Gods Name in the affii&ion that is upon hull, for it is not enough meerly not to murmur, not to be difcontented and troubled, but you mLilt be a&ive in the {an&if'ying Gods Name in the affliction. And indee~ thi5 will diHinvuifu it from the other, from a tlurdy refolut10n, I o I will

The rare Jewel of Chri ftian Contentment. I 5 will not be troubled : but though you have a fiurdy refoiution that you wil~not be tro~bled,is th~r~ a confcio~ab~en~fs in_you to fan6tifie tJods name m your affhCbon, and ~oth 1t come trom thence ? That is the mam thing that brings the quiet of heart, and helps againfi difcontentednefs in a gracious heart, I fay the defire and ,.. ~re that thy foul bath to San6bfie Gods Name in an affiitl:ion, .it is ibat that quiets the foul, which doth not in the other. Neither when it is meedy from reafon : ~s Socr~t'es it is faid of him (though he were but an Heathen) tha.t whatever befel him he would not fo much as change hi~ countenanc.e,and he got this power over his fpirit meerly by (lrength of reafon and morality : but now this gracioas Contentment come~ from principals beyond the firength of reafon. I cannot open that (from whence it comes) till ~ve come to open th_eMyllerieofSpiritual Contentment. Jr- will only give you this one note ofdifference b.etweenc a man and a woman th1t is contented in a natural way' and another that is conten~ed in a fpiritualway. Thofe that ~fe content~~ ~n a natural way th~y overcome themfel ves when outward affircbons do befaU them, they are conteP;ted, yea and they are contented as well when they commit fin againll God, either when tbey have outward croffes or when God is dilhonored ~ 1dfJ~ all one, either when themfelves are crofl or when God is croll ; but novv a gracious hearc that is contented with its owne affiietion, yet mightily rifes when God is difhonored. The Fifth is[ Freely ]ft1Jbmitting to, and tak}ng complacency in Gods difpofe, it is a free work of the· fpirit: now there are four things to be opened in this freedom of fpirit. Firfi, That the heart is readily brought over, that which one cloth freely there is no great fiir to bring them to it ; there are many men and women when their affliCtions are grievous upon them, with much a do they are brought to be contented, a great deal of flir there is to quiet their hearts when they 1are under affl etion, yet at tall perhaps they ue brought to it, I but novv this cloth not come off freely : ifl defire a thiGg of another al'ld I get it perhaps with much ado, and a great deal of flir thete is,but here's no freedome of fpirit ; but when a man is free in a thing,do but mention it and he prefently comes off to I it