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--"·-· -·-- ·'!.!!.__!lt~ Rart Jewd of cbriflian Concencmem. turn·ci~ro be rowc and naught, IVhe_n thou art fo fenfibie of thY affll(~tJonl'; and u~renflble of merc1es as tJwu art unfit for the duties of thy condition, and envious at others .that are not affli· .Bed as thou art. The Second P L E A. But will a difcontented hem fay, I .cm n~t fo much troubhd with my alfiirlions,but it is for my fin 1"~tther than my afflfCfisn,llnd . I hope )Otiwill give le~tve ~htrt ru Jhou/d bt tr~Nbled_ 11nd di{contented rPith our fin; and were it not f9r fin thllt I (u ip my [elf, I fhould not be [9 difcontented as I .cm, Oh? it is fin thiiJ is hMvy upon rneJ and it i; th,ft thAt lrot;b/ts me wort thlfn tHJ t~jftiCli~n. De~eive not thy own heart,there is. a very great ~eceit in thi~, there IS many people that when Gods hand is ou.t againf.l them, they ~~ill fay, they are troubled for their fin, hut the truth is, its the affliCtion that doch trouble them rather then their fln, tbei• hear~ doth exceedingly deceive them in this very thing: For, . F:rfl, They were never troubled for their fin before · this Affltet!On came; but you will fay, its tr1J(, I rPas mf b(fore, for my pro/paity blinded m(, bHt now God bath opened my eys by PjfiiElirms ; H.atb he fo? . · . Secondly, Then thy great care will be rather for the .r~movmgoftby fin, thln of thy afflittion; Arc thou more foh_c1tou a~OL~t the taking away rhy fin;than the taking away of tbme affhtlwo. Thirdly, If it be thy fin that troubles thee, If God fhould take a"fay thy afflittions, yet except thy fin be taken away, and thy heart be better, this would not content thee, thou coulddl not be fatisfied, but we fee it ordinarily, that if God removes their afflietiens, there is no more trouble for their fin. Ob many do bely themfelves in this, in faying, that they ar~, fo troubled for their fin, and efpecially th?fe that are (o troubled that they are in danger to mifcarry, and to ~ake away t~e?lfelves tberes not one in ten thoufand that are m fuch a cond1tion as thi; is, bot it js afflietions rarher than fin that puts them to it; indeed you lay al~ upon this, as if it were ~he work oftbe Word c,