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I 1 17 2 , T"t 8.t1re Jttrtl of cbriftian Contentment. ~ns lhafl abid~ tl!e every wher~ I look for nothing eife out bonds and affla5bons wherefoever I go ; fo.a Chri{lian ihould 'do, he lbould look for affliCtions wberefoever he is, in all conditions he lhould look to meet with afflielions' and therefore if any atHiClion lhouldbefalhim, thou!h indeed he could not fore-fee the particular evil, yet he fuould think; this is no more than I Iookt for in the general. Therefore no affliCtion thould come unexpectedly to a Chri(lian. · A fecond Anfwer I.thall give is this, Is it unexpe6l:eti? then the Iefs provifion thou maddl: for it before it came , the more careful flwuldeA: thou be to farictifie God's Name in'it now it is come :le is in this cafe of affl iCtions as in mercies,many times a mercy comes unexpeet:ed ( and chat might be a third Aofwer ) to you, fer orie againfi the other , I ha..ve many mercies · that I never lookt for as well as affi Cl:ions that I never lookt for, why 'lhould not one rejoyce me as well as the other difiurbs me ? As it is in mercies, when they come unexpeCted,the lefs preparati- . on there was in me for receiving mercy, the mqre need I have to be careful, how to give God the glory of the mercy; and to fantlifie God·s Name in the enjoyment of the mercy ; Ob fo it 1bould be with us now , we have had many mercies , that we never expeCted , and tberefora vve were not prepared for them, now we lhould be fo much the more careful to giye God the gtory of them : fo when affiiet:ions come that we did not expea:, then it feems we laid not in for them before-hand, we had peeq be the more careful to fantl:ifie God's Name in th~m , we lhould have fpent fome pains before to prepare for afflidioM, and ~e did not, then take fo mud1 the more pains to fanetific: _God in this aftliaion now. And that's a fifth reafoning. The Sixth P LE .(1. Oh! bNt jt iHJtry grtat , min~ ~JfliffiM it i1 e~cmli~g~grtAt; fAith one, '"'d ho~ever Jlll {tty, we mufl bt tQntmttd , tt s trur, , JDn 1»4J {AJ (o tbal (te/ not [Ncb grrllt Ajfiitfisns, but if} Of!J fe/t "'Y AJfliflion th•t I ful, JO* wo111d thin~ it h11rd t6 btAr t.ntl bt ,tontent. - ' · · To that I anfvver,Let it be as great an affii~ion as it will, it is .ROt fo great aS thy fin 1 11 I hlflh }Hnifht~ fDU /'[1 t/rAn thy ft_ns. , . Secondly,